Hack your Health: The Secrets of Your Gut Review with The Gut Genie

So…on Saturday I sent The Gut Genie the new documentary Hack Your Health: The Secrets of Your Gut. I sent it because I thought it was cute and that they were doing a good job explaining it. I was also super excited to see that our gut health is actually being talked about more now because I personally think it’s the real missing link to our health and it’s 100% not just pseudoscience. 

BUT I was wrong in thinking it was an amazing job at presenting the topic LOL. Laura Frontiero, The Gut Genie, watched it and proceeded to send me not one…but like 18 voice notes back fired up about all of the things that needed to be addressed. I told her to sign on, let’s record a podcast while you’re fired up because this is GOLD! So I’m excited to have her on with us to share all about what is right and wrong about the Netflix documentary Hack your Health: The Secrets of Your Gut.

Let’s dive into this Public Service Announcement podcast! 

Midlife Women in the THICK of This are NOT Represented 

In the documentary they followed: 

  1. A michelin star chef
  2. A professional hot dog eater
  3. A PhD student 
  4. A middle America single mom of 3 kids struggling with obesity 

All of which were approximately in their 30s. 

NOWHERE did they follow a menopausal woman, ages 45-65, dealing with chronic fatigue, rapid aging, low energy, brain fog, achy joints, migraine headaches, mobility issues, multiple diagnoses, prescriptions, etc.  They simply were NOT followed and represented in this documentary. And this group, who happens to be the majority of America, will NOT get better by just eating a smoothie with 80 vegetables. 

Speaking of the 80 Vegetable Smoothie…

Fact of the matter is that if you really do have dysregulated gut microbiome, eating 80 raw vegetables a week is going to make you feel AWFUL. Yes they are useful for nutrients but if your microbiome is out of whack, your body CANNOT handle that. What you really SHOULD be doing initially while navigating your gut microbiome issues, is eating cooked vegetables that are MUCH easier to digest. 

All About the Gut Microbiome 

The first 20-30 minutes of the documentary is amazing information – super educational, easy to understand, adorable to view with the little cartoons, the whole thing. They did a GREAT job explaining what your gut microbiome does, why it’s important, how it’s connected to your brain, and how if you don’t feed it the right things, it will start eating your body (the mucus layer) and create a leaky gut and an environment for bad things to start taking place from autoimmune conditions, to inflammation, to chronic health conditions, etc. 

They did a great job explaining that YES your gut is important and YES what we eat does matter. However, there ARE people who eat all of the right things and STILL feel like crap. Our gut health doesn’t stop at what we eat – we cannot just eat 80 vegetables a week and expect to get and feel better like the documentary suggests. This is 10000% NOT the truth. 

Why the Heck Did They Microdose Potato Chips? 

In the documentary, they followed this Michelin Star chef from San Francisco who has access to ALL healthy things – and also suffers from disordered eating. She was working with scientists and researchers and the documentary took ONE clip where they said, why don’t you start microdosing a small serving of potato chips until you can tolerate a full serving. 

WHY?! Of ALL of the lovely things to microdose…why potato chips?! This is so wrong. The message that is being sent to Americans watching this is that potato chips are okay…and actually healthy. That you just need to pull back and slowly introduce them to your diet by 1-3 chips per day. This is information given at SUCH a high level of irresponsibility. It makes you wonder who was actually FUNDING this documentary. 

What About the Microbiome Tests They Were Doing? 

The test that they were doing is basically a test showing what your bacteria counts are. There is WAY more to gut testing than just looking at the bacteria counts. We know from a functional health perspective that we can change your bacteria profile and levels in 24 hours (they even got this part right on the documentary!) But the MOST important things to test from a gut test are: What is happening with your digestion? What is happening with inflammation? What is going on with your immune system? What are the pathogenic bacterias and parasites you have? What is your fungus and candida count? There is SO MUCH MORE to your gut health than the tests they are using can ever give. 

What About the Fecal Pills?

There is a researched treatment of fecal transplant (where you take one person’s poop and putting it into someone else’s body) to help solve problems. There is only one condition that this is FDA approved for: c difficile. In the movie, they show one of the people they follow getting her brother’s, and then her boyfriend’s poop, putting it in a blender, mixing it up with water, and then putting it into capsules to freeze and swallow.  This is an ABSOLUTELY NOT. NO NO NO. You can get SOOOO sick from doing this! 

Even More Shocking Than All of That?! No One Had A Resolution 

Not once did they show a win or a resolution in any of the people they were following. Why? We are willing to bet that none of them did. They gave a slight nod to the disordered eater eating a plate of pasta of all things saying she was hopeful to not have problems the next day. The obese woman didn’t share losing even one pound. The girl eating the poop, never had a win. The overeater who didn’t have any feeling of satiety?  He decided he was going to quit his career – but not once did they circle back and say he had normal satiety. 

Wrapping Up with the REAL Truth of the Matter

Food is important. Eating healthy, unprocessed, real food is important. Making good choices is important. But you 1000000% cannot eat your way out of this! What is missing in this documentary is the root of the root of the problem. There are hundreds of thousands of toxins we are exposed to every day. They didn’t touch on trauma and stress in our daily lives. They didn’t speak on the importance of antibiotics and other prescriptions and the effects they have on our body. They also didn’t talk about the overuse and over abuse of acid reducers (Tums, Pepcid, etc.) There is massive inflammation going on and unless we prep the body to release these things it’s storing, you are going to get MORE SICK. 

Yet another reason why I shout from the rooftops why I LOVE Laura’s protocols and what she teaches SO MUCH. Every. Single. One. of her clients has results. They feel good. They get results. And they are not doing it with 80 raw veggies in a smoothie. Laura is hands on, in the trenches, WORKING WITH women who are navigating health issues to come to a solution. 
Remember: ANYTHING you see on mainstream media (Netflix included) there is ALWAYS something to be aware of – from the funding, to the bigger picture, etc. If you’ve been struggling with your health, you should work with a REAL functional practitioner somewhere to support you. If you’re going to run a gut test, make sure you are getting a FULL GI Map – NOT just the bacteria in your gut. There IS a way out of this…and it’s not drinking vegetables. Keep your hopes high – you CAN heal. 

After watching the Hack Your Health documentary on Netflix, Natalie Jill reached out to her friend Laura Frontiero and Laura immediately said “lets talks about that.” This episode was recorded almost immediately after Natalie Jill texted her.

Laura Frontiero is an authority in the arena of gut health, holistic healing, and parasitology. She opens the gateway for individuals to explore the profound impacts parasites can have on blood sugar control and cravings. Laura’s passion and commitment to health shine through her ground-breaking approaches that are transforming countless lives. Her approach isn’t just about treating the symptoms but delving deep into their root causes. Laura believes that providing insights into the complexities of our bodies is the key to lasting change. Through her hands-on experience and profound understanding, she offers invaluable insights to those struggling with sugar cravings and blood sugar issues, guiding them towards achieving a healthier, balanced life.

This episode dives into the significance of gut health, exploring the connections between gut microbiome, chronic infections, nutrient deficiencies, and toxins. Laura Frontiero, also known as The Gut Genie, shares her insights on the importance of addressing gut health as a foundation before pursuing other treatments. The conversation covers a wide range of topics, including the misconceptions about parasites, the impact of dietary choices on gut health, and practical advice for individuals struggling with digestion and absorption issues. Through analogies and personal experiences, the speakers aim to demystify complex health concepts and encourage listeners to prioritize their gut health for overall well-being.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Misleading information in the ‘Hack Your Health’ Documentary on Netflix
  • Importance of your gut health
  • What are some discrepancies that could be in gut health testing
  • Why you need a functional medicine doctor for your gut health
  • What you should ACTUALLY be doing for your gut health
  • The right and wrong ways to gut test