Bone Density, Muscle, Pain Management and Lymphatic Drainage Using Vibration Training with Caroline Pearce

Vibrational training is something I have been intuitively doing for years without really understanding WHY. I didn’t know much about it, other than it just felt good – especially as I navigated my disc issues in my lower back. I always saw much larger ones in the gym but now I have a smaller one in my home and absolutely LOVE having it to use more often, whether doing planks, or doing functional moves, or just using it for recovery. 

What Does the Power Plate Do? 

The vibration from the Power Plate machine creates reflex/automatic contractions in your muscles. Doing this activates your muscles – including areas that you are not able to activate on your own. Whenever you have a joint problem, the BEST thing you can do is strengthen the muscles around the problem area. And the vibrations from the Power Plate do just this! They activate and strengthen the muscles with vibrations and then take the pressure off the injured joint. The vibration also massively increases our blood flow and circulation that helps with recovery and repair AND helps to get our lymphatic system moving. 

Bone Density, Muscle, Pain Management and Lymphatic Drainage Using Vibration Training with Caroline Pearce pin

What Is Our Lymphatic System Anyway? 

Our lymphatic system is a one way system that basically just flushes out day to day life toxins –from what we eat to our environment to cleaners, etc. The way you can help increase your lymphatic system is to drink plenty of fluids, gentle lymphatic massage, dry brushing, or using the vibration of the Power Plate – especially in the massage method.  

How Does the Power Plate Work? 

There are a few reasons why the Power Plate is so effective: 

  1. It moves between 30-50 directions per second 
  2. It creates automatic contractions in your muscles 
  3. It increases blood flow and circulation 
  4. It activates our lymphatic drainage 
  5. It works in multi directional, forcing you to stabilize yourself 

What If I Have An Injury but Don’t Workout, Can I Still Benefit from the Power Plate? 

As long as you are assuming an “athletic ready position” (like a squat, a lunge, dynamic stretches, etc.) you can absolutely benefit from it. Just standing straight legged will not yield the same results. You don’t have to be  a super athletic person to benefit from it. However, it’s also a great tool for massage and recovery. If you want to use it for massage, you use the highest setting and rest the body area on the plate. This essentially creates a myofascial release and gets rid of the tight sticky knots. 

How Long Do I Need to Use It? 

You could get on a few minutes in the morning and stretch and awaken your body and your mind every day of the week. But for an actual workout, you should aim for 10-30 minutes just 3-4 days a week (think of it like weight training). You get a big bang for your workout buck on one of these! When you’re using it, you are having a neurological response. Your body detects the vibration, your central nervous system sends a signal back to the muscle to contract. Because it’s happening so quickly, your central nervous system has to respond quickly as well. 

Who Can Benefit from Using A Power Plate? 

Think of Power Plate as a large mechanical action to the body that stimulates massive blood flow in your body. This creates an overall daily reduction in pain. Athletes use it to recover faster but people with: 

  • Parkinsons
  • MS 
  • Daily muscle aches and pains 
  • Arthritis 

find that their pain is reduced when they are regularly using the Power Plate. 

Can We Use Power Plate As We Age Even If We Are Less Active?

ABSOLUTELY! In more than one way! Not only does it stimulate your body the way that weight training and high intensity workout would (but without the load and impact), it also helps improve your bone density (especially in those who can no longer lift enough weight to create the same strengthening effect on their bones). 

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Caroline Pearce is a former International heptathlete and bobsledder for Great Britain and successful TV Presenter, reporter, commentator and event host. She is a published author and go-to fitness and nutrition consultant and influencer with a First Class Honours Degree in Sports Science and Master’s Degree in Nutrition and Exercise Physiology from Loughborough University. You may also know her as ‘Ice’ from the revival of the hit TV show ‘UK Gladiators’ on Sky 1!

Caroline is currently the lead host for the Professional Fighters League (PFL) on ESPN presenting pre and post fight shows, hosting the show and conducting in-cage post fight interviews with fighters.

Caroline is also the lead host for UK’s BT Sport network since the channel launched in August 2013. She Anchored their live weekly magazine show ‘UFC: Beyond the Octagon’ rounding up all the latest action and interviewing guests from the world of UFC to a live studio audience as well as hosting live Fight Nights in Europe. She has also anchored the news and reported at numerous sporting events from the NFL International series to athletics and winter Olympic Games for Sports HUB, BT Sports’ news-based show. She is now the networks US correspondent. Caroline is also a correspondent for UFC Fight Pass, the UFC’s digital network.

Further, Caroline has reported UFC for Fox Sports and UFC Fight Pass as backstage reporter at weigh in and fight night shows, covering big events in Japan and Europe. Never one to sit in the comfy chair in 2016 Caroline travelled to India to host the first ever World Cup of Kabaddi for Star Sports India, a sport she previously knew very little about but went onto study and love whilst broadcasting to millions around the World.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • The science and benefits behind vibration training
  • How to address visceral fat and bone density
  • The unique advantages of Power Plate
  • Why you should use vibration training in midlife