Changing THE Conversation
Around Age, Potential,
and Possibility in MIDLIFE

Midlife is between the ages of 40 and 65 and there are about 52.73 MILLION women between 40-64 in the United States alone. Over 52 MILLION women!

Despite middle-aged women making up such a large percentage of the population, as we age, we are often overlooked.

Social media, Hollywood, etc… all glorify YOUTH, and typically external ‘beauty’ only.

With age, comes knowledge and WISDOM. And this wisdom is the focus at Midlife Conversations!

Those in midlife can often feel irrelevant, disregarded and out of place.

This can create a scary gap between longing for youth and searching for what is next. 

Midlife crises set in, marriages break, depression, anxiety and dis-ease can become very real. 

AND…there are women who figured it out!

They are THRIVING, creating their best years yet!

They have purpose in life, while also looking & feeling amazing as they age.

Midlife Conversations is pulling back the curtain and SHARING what is working so YOU too can can THRIVE in midlife! 

Welcome to the Midlife Conversations Podcast

On this podcast Natalie Jill does what she does best – taking complicated information that is relevant to us (women entering Midlife) NOW, and breaking it down simply with actionable steps you can implement to level up your life in your BEST YEARS to come. She also regularly interviews some of the most inspiring people living their best Midlife years. On this show, she covers topics about our shifting hormones, weight struggles, our mood and focus changes, raising teenagers, our relationships, career changes, beauty and more.

Flat Belly Guide

A simple, FREE guide to help you reverse that “Midlife Midsection” and achieve a FLAT BELLY at any age! Yup, even in midlife!

Age Optimizing Guide

A simple FREE guide to the supplements that I personally use to support focus, clarity, energy, sleep, fat loss, and to continue to age in reverse.