Welcome to Midlife Conversations!

My name is Natalie Jill, founder of Natalie Jill Fitness and in my 50s, I am now smack dab in the middle of midlife.

And YUP…I had my own midlife crisis break down.

I was not navigating aging well, I was feeling disconnected and inauthentic being a “Fitness and Fat Loss Expert” and I was feeling that my thoughts and sadness around midlife were not normal. 

I found it hard to find others that were willing to discuss what I was feeling as we live in a world of FAKENESS. People use filters and glorify their “perfect” world on instagram and don’t really discuss the much needed DEEP topics. When I started to really open up to friends, on social media, and in my network, I REALLY saw that I was NOT ALONE and realized there was a huge need for this conversation on a greater level. 

Midlife Conversations are conversations that need to be had. 

Midlife can be quite a rocky time for women in many cultures. During this special phase of life, women are not only dealing with hormonal, biological, and vanity changes, but we’re also dealing with more pains and aches, work/business problems, family issues (such as raising teens, becoming an empty nester, caring for elderly parents, death, securing finances, questioning spirituality, purpose, and personal goals). 

Despite middle aged women making up such a large percentage of the population, they are highly overlooked. Social Media, Traditional Media, Hollywood all glorify YOUTH. Those in midlife can feel irrelevant, disregarded, and out of place. There is always a “younger”, “better” version not far away. This creates a scary gap between longing for youth and searching for what is next. 

Midlife crises set in, marriages break, depression, anxiety and dis-ease becomes very real BUT….there is a small percentage of this group that have it figured out. They are THRIVING, creating their best years yet! They look amazing, feel amazing, are on purpose, and are loving this time of life! 

When I realized this, I saw the need to start sharing and opening up these midlife conversations with those I know who are living their best life, in midlife! I turned my Fat Loss Brand (that was no longer fulfilling me like it once was) into Midlife Conversations. 

There truly is a NEED for open, raw, and honest conversations around MIDLIFE.


We are not irrelevant. We are not washed up. We have a voice and can help others who are navigating this challenging time of life. We can step into our best years yet and improve our lives on so many levels.