Bone Density, Muscle, Pain Management and Lymphatic Drainage Using Vibration Training with Caroline Pearce

Vibrational training is something I have been intuitively doing for years without really understanding WHY. I didn’t know much about it, other than it just felt good – especially as I navigated my disc issues in my lower back. I always saw much larger ones in the gym but now I have a smaller one in my home and absolutely LOVE having it to use more often, whether doing planks, or doing functional moves, or just using it for recovery.

Aging Well and Biohacking with Kim Lyons

We get a lot of messages from women in midlife who seem to have simply given up on life. They have a ton of stories that are NOT aided by the masses and the media. But it does NOT have to be that way! No, it’s not just aging! It doesn’t HAVE TO BE LIKE THAT! And no, it’s not all about looks. It’s about the labs, the aches, the pains, your HEALTH and vitality. 

Forever Strong Even In Midlife with Gabrielle Lyon

In midlife we are LOSING muscle and more commonly than not, gaining weight…and wondering what the heck is going on! Dr. Gabrielle Lyons focuses on Muscle Centric Medicine, which shifts the perspective from the pathology of fat/obesity/overweight to our full capacity and taking care of our longevity organ, skeletal muscle. Protein is SUPER important for our muscle health and there is currently a huge shortcoming/oversight in nutritional sciences right now. Labels will say “protein” but protein is made up of 20 essential amino acids, and each protein has a different composition of those 20 amino acids. So the type and quality of your protein really does matter!