Forever Strong Even In Midlife with Gabrielle Lyon

In midlife we are LOSING muscle and more commonly than not, gaining weight…and wondering what the heck is going on! Dr. Gabrielle Lyons focuses on Muscle Centric Medicine, which shifts the perspective from the pathology of fat/obesity/overweight to our full capacity and taking care of our longevity organ, skeletal muscle. Protein is SUPER important for our muscle health and there is currently a huge shortcoming/oversight in nutritional sciences right now. Labels will say “protein” but protein is made up of 20 essential amino acids, and each protein has a different composition of those 20 amino acids. So the type and quality of your protein really does matter! 

So This Is 50! Aging Well Through Menopause with Laura Heikkila

I found Laura on Instagram and fell in love with the way she is living and walking the walk I am constantly sharing about. She is in her 50s and is doing ALL of the things as if age is NOT a factor (because it’s not!) Everyone always says “just wait until you turn 50!” right? But what the heck happens at 50?! Laura set out to document the process as she approached the age. And while there ARE some things that DO change at 50, it’s not doomsday like we believed it would be. 

Reversing Disease Progression and Slowing the Aging Process with Hyperbaric Therapy with Aimee Allenback

I had Amy on today to talk about A LOT of chronic pain and illness that come up for A LOT of midlife women, where we think we don’t have control and have to just “accept it”. But thanks to people like Amy (who was “finally” diagnosed with Crohn’s disease after a whole assortment of health symptoms…and was prescribed 16 different medications/day), we can actually make IN HOME healing and wellness centers where we can start to heal ourselves! Oftentimes (especially in midlife) we can experience a series of things going wrong…and we just chalk it up to an overall decline thinking “what’s wrong with me???”  BUT we have to remember that when just ONE thing is out of whack in your body, a number of other things can spiral quickly after. Addressing that ONE thing could solve the rest! This is what we mean when we talk about addressing the “root cause” of something. 

Being Fitter Than Fit at Almost 60 with Clark Bartram

Clark is one of my FAVORITE humans, who does NOT look like your average 59 year old. He lives the work and is as fit as they come. I really wanted to have a guys perspective on the show to school us on how to be THIS fit in midlife. We are both in alignment in how midlife should look. It’s a simple shift from where you’re currently at to where you COULD be and SHOULD be!