Move Joy Activation to Change Your Body and Your Mood with Equinox Co-Founder Lavinia Errico

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My friend Lavinia Errico (who is 64 if you can believe it!!!) is not only the co-founder of Equinox gyms, but is also the founder and creator of MOVEJOY! Lavinia has been moving her body in some way, shape, or form since she was a little girl. From her entrepreneurial spirit in college, to her longing for a good gym in New York, to her need to get herself out of her rock bottom in 2020, creating movement experiences is really just in her blood! Years later, lucky for us, she’s still at it – with MOVEJOY; it’s kind of like your morning routine, lymphatic drainage, creativity, and body movement rolled into one incredible hour! 

I am not one of them, but I know there are A LOT of women in midlife who do not love, or even like, going to the gym. They just don’t feel good about themselves when they’re there for any number of reasons and the goal of movement is NOT to feel bad! It’s to FEEL GOOD! Enter MOVEJOY. When I say it will leave you feeling REALLY REALLY good, I mean it!! 


Everything that MOVEJOY includes is already out there – from breathwork, to movement, to affirmations, to somatic release, and visualization, etc. She has taken some of the scientifically proven modalities and combined them into her MOVEJOY sequence. The secret sauce is just that – the sequencing of everything! The first 12 minutes is releasing pent up energy and opening yourself up to all of the great energy to come. After that, it moves into more of a “traditional” workout and a full 45-60 minute activation experience. 

Additional Benefits of MOVEJOY 

  • Joy 
  • Self love 
  • Discipline 
  • Consistency
  • Intention 
  • Self nourishment 
  • Fat loss 
  • Brain health
  • Strong mind, energy, body 
  • Feeling really really really good 

Lavinia Errico, co-founder of Equinox Fitness and the visionary behind the Inside Out Movement and First Point Partners,, is a nationally acclaimed workplace and wellness entrepreneur and a speaker of essential truths on the subjects of Values-Driven Entrepreneurship, The Women-Led Workplace, Spiritual Entrepreneurship, and Joy in the Hustle. A sought-after board member, consultant, and angel investor in diverse startup companies across a multitude of industries, Lavinia inspires and transforms individuals and organizations with her unique and often disruptive take on how to create a richer, more authentic, inspiring, and joyful career and life journey.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How to find joy in getting fit
  • What’s the perfect workout for people in midlife
  • Keys to be joyful in your fitness journey
  • Tips on being reinspired