Enzymes and Correct Supplement Dosing with Doug Grant

Doug Grant is known as “The Formulator” and has made SUCH A BIG difference in my life in terms of testing and supplements. I mean, who knew that you’re actually supposed to FEEL your supplements when you take them?! Lol I didn’t – and never did, until I started taking his. They are such high quality supplements that I can actually FEEL the difference when I take them. I feel more alert, more energized, more focused. Not in a caffeine way…but just an extra edge in your performance. Come to find out, a lot of the supplements we can find out there (even if from a “good natural brand”) are synthetics and make it hard for our body to even use – if it even can! 

Parasites, Heavy Metals, Mold, and Detoxing with the Gut Genie with Laura Frontiero

I had a whole host of strange symptoms. Fortunately, Laura interrupted my spiral and said, “Did you know that your gut and parasites can cause blood sugar dysregulation?” I thought someone like me who eats so perfectly can’t possibly have parasites. BUT I did! And Laura helped kickstart my total detox journey from Parasites, to Heavy Metals, to Mold, and general Detoxing

How to Effectively Use Intermittent Fasting with Cynthia Thurlow

I’ve got Cynthia Thurlow on today to talk all about Intermittent Fasting with us – from how to do it to the benefits to all the ins and outs. She has changed not only her OWN life with intermittent fasting, but has changed the lives of sooo many. This is SUCH an important topic for midlife women, and while it’s not a new concept, it’s necessary in our modern day lifestyle.  

I Did a Parasite Cleanse, Here is What Happened with Laura Frontiero

This might be the weirdest podcast episode I’ve ever done LOL but I just did a parasite cleanse…and things literally came out of me…and Laura is the culprit! I wanted to have her on so we can talk about all the things that I have learned, all the things that have left me, all of the things that have changed, and most importantly…the RESULTS!