Sleep, Anxiety, and Lack of Mental Clarity with Barton Scott Founder of Upgraded Formulas

SO MANY women in midlife are navigating challenges like sleep disruptions, anxiety, and lack of mental clarity. While it’s easy to just blame it on being in midlife, it doesn’t have to be the case. I brought Barton Scott on the podcast because he is a pure engineering magician when it comes to optimizing our minerals, elements, and nutrients that are absolutely fundamental to our overall health, well-being, and basic human performance. 

When I first met Barton Scott I had just started tracking my sleep with my Oura ring. Despite me spending about 11 hours in bed, I would wake up feeling SO tired. At the time I was getting about an average of 16 minutes of deep sleep per night (with a lot of REM). Within FIVE days, Barton was able to shift that for me to just a few minutes short of TWO HOURS of deep sleep with one magic pill…his Upgraded Formulas Magnesium! 

PSA: Deep sleep is SUPER important because deep sleep is when your DNA gets repaired and helps you recover and age well. 

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😍 I know I am FOR SURE going to take a current hair test, add back in the magnesium, AND take the upgraded mood. You can check these out HERE.

Anxiety (and Mental Clarity) in Midlife 

I like to explain the feeling of anxiety as the feeling that you’ve had WAY too much caffeine…but you’ve really had none. It’s like you’re amped up inside and all you want to do is turn your brain off. Western medicine would say “Here’s some Xanax” and that is clearly NOT what I am aligned with. Around here we like to get to the ROOT cause of things…not just mask our symptoms. As Barton says, “Symptoms are our allies!” Barton has come to reverse engineer anxiety so well that he could make someone become an anxious individual in just a few days by creating certain nutrient deficiencies in people. Among these are magnesium, lithium, copper, trace minerals, and chromium. 

The same is true about mental clarity in midlife. Mental clarity is definitely in part related to a mineral deficiency. 

What Kind of Magnesium Do We Actually Need? What Should We Look For? 

Simply put, your BODY is what turns the element/mineral/etc. into what it needs it for. Marketing makes us think that different types of magnesium are needed for certain outcomes, but that is simply not true. If you are able to absorb magnesium on its own, it will turn any available magnesium into exactly the magnesium “form” you need. The problem is that nearly all magnesium on the mainstream market are not readily available for absorption at the blood level and therefore, you are only absorbing about 20% max, which is simply not enough to overcome a deficiency. 

What About Absorption and Why Does It Matter? 

More than half of the problem is absorption. If you can’t reverse a deficiency by absorbing said thing, then you are stuck with that deficiency.  You can be taking all of these things but if you are not absorbing them, your body is unable to benefit. One of the BEST ways to tell if/what you are deficient or absorbing your elements and minerals is to do a mineral deficiency, heavy metals, and metabolism hair test. What I love about Barton’s formulas is that he has engineered them to be readily available to enter the bloodstream at the appropriate particle size to ensure it is readily available for the body to use. 

When to Take the Hair Tests? 

It is recommended to take the test every 90 days for the most accurate snapshot of your health. You will know what is missing, what you need to change, improve, etc. and prove to yourself that your efforts are working and are making a difference. You start to see results in your health, results, etc. 

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Barton Scott is a Biochemist, Inventor, Behavioral Nutritionist, International Speaker and the Founder and CEO of

In 2015 Barton developed a unique industrial process using his background in Chemical Engineering to produce a new category of minerals, called Stabilized Nano Minerals using a Nano Particle Technology that absorbs very easily without the need for normal digestion, and at-home hair analysis testing to know which you need to restore the most fundamental nutrient deficiencies in the body, quickly and easily.

Today Upgraded Formulas has an incredibly effective line of products for your mineral needs, such as hair analysis testing and novel mineral formulations for identifying and restoring nutrient deficiency.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • The importance of body minerals 
  • How you can improve your sleep while lowering your anxiety
  • What to do for mental clarity
  • Benefits of Magnesium
  • How to have proper absorption with your supplements

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