Reversing Disease Progression and Slowing the Aging Process with Hyperbaric Therapy with Aimee Allenback

I had Amy on today to talk about A LOT of chronic pain and illness that come up for A LOT of midlife women, where we think we don’t have control and have to just “accept it”. But thanks to people like Amy (who was “finally” diagnosed with Crohn’s disease after a whole assortment of health symptoms…and was prescribed 16 different medications/day), we can actually make IN HOME healing and wellness centers where we can start to heal ourselves! Oftentimes (especially in midlife) we can experience a series of things going wrong…and we just chalk it up to an overall decline thinking “what’s wrong with me???”  BUT we have to remember that when just ONE thing is out of whack in your body, a number of other things can spiral quickly after. Addressing that ONE thing could solve the rest! This is what we mean when we talk about addressing the “root cause” of something. 

What is Crohn’s Disease? 

Crohn’s Disease is an autoimmune disease that can exist anywhere in your intestinal tract. Your body is essentially fighting your intestinal tract and your body is not absorbing any of your nutrition. It’s like a next level celiac! Instead of just resisting gluten as in the case of celiac, your body is resisting EVERYTHING with Crohn’s. This can show up in tests in several ways, including infected areas looking like wounds or ulcers inside your intestinal tract, in your colonoscopy. But as mentioned before, there is often a root cause – and not all doctors (in fact very few and far between) try to find this! 

Reversing Disease Progression and Slowing the Aging Process with Hyperbaric Therapy with Aimee Allenback pin

Hyperbaric Therapies and Gut Health and Recoveries 

Aimee first got into Hyperbarics through her work with kids who had autism. Through incorporating the use of hyperbaric therapies, she was witnessing miraculous improvements in symptoms in these kids. This was her first aha-moment about just how strong the gut-brain connection is. Not only was their gut health dramatically improving, so were their other symptoms. 

Flash forward, and Aimee knew she was going to need colon surgery. She knew from her work with the hyperbaric therapies in others that it worked wonders for inflammation, so before her surgery she decided she was going to preload herself on therapy at home. Six weeks after the surgery (and after doing a regimen of hyperbaric therapy at home) her doctor said he couldn’t see a single visible sign in her colon that there had been any trauma or surgery – yes, thanks to the hyperbaric she had rented at her house. 

Excited with this news, Aimee was ready to get off of her medications that came with huge side effects. She dove into committing to use hyperbaric therapy 4x/week and drinking hydrogen water. As a result, she was able to go cold turkey from her medications, and not have a single recurrence of her Crohn’s issues to date – more than two years later! 

What is Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber Therapy? 

Hyperbaric = hyper means increased and baric means pressure. The pressure is the most powerful thing that is happening with hyperbaric therapy. The more oxygen you have, the better you feel. This is why at higher altitudes you can feel sick because you’re getting less oxygen. In theory, if you were to go at least 10 feet UNDER water and be able to breathe, you’d be increasing your oxygen. Since we can’t really do that for obvious reasons, hyperbaric helps us to create the same effect. 

However, when you’re under greater than atmospheric pressure (like you would be if you were under water and able to breathe) the oxygen gas molecules can and will dissolve into a liquid (thanks to gas pressure physics) so it can get into your blood plasma, and NOT just attached your red blood cells like it normally is. 

This, in turn, gives our bodies so much more oxygen to use! There often isn’t a SURPLUS of oxygen to HEAL your body…because all of the oxygen has been spoken for in order to breathe. Kind of like the icing on the cake! Not to mention, stem cells begin to proliferate naturally!! Hello natural anti-aging. 

What Can Hyperbaric Therapy Help? 

Hyperbaric therapy can be used for a whole host of things from athletic performance, muscle recovery, overall healing, neuroplasticity, neuropathy, burn and stroke recovery, injury, wound, and surgery recovery, biohacking, anti-aging (bone, joint, brain health, and collagen production), reducing stress, helping with anxiety, etc. 

This and so much more on the episode!! 

About Aimee Allenback

Aimee is a certified International Hyperbaric Technician by the International Board of Undersea Medicine (IBUM) and owner of Next Level Oxygen Hyperbaric MedSpa. She is formerly a product specialist for the number one manufacturer of portable hyperbaric chambers, and continues to be an authorized retailer of those products.  Aimee was introduced to HBOT in 2005 while working as the Development Director for the National Autism Association, and became a regular user of HBOT in 2015 to address auto-immune issues. When Aimee isn’t helping clients improve their health and well-being, she dedicates time to another passion, flying the friendly skies as a Flight Attendant.

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In this episode, you will learn:

  • The benefits of hyperbaric therapy in midlife
  • How it works in the slowing of disease and aging
  • How this works to rapidly repair your body
  • What is HBOT
  • Why you need this to reduce inflammation, improve circulation, and more