Vaginal Rejuvenation in Midlife with Dr. Cheri Ong

I had Dr. Cheri Ong who I met almost a year ago at a vision retreat. I could NOT wait to get her on the show and dive deeper into “designer vaginas”. Yep! Designer vaginas. And if you’re in midlife, you’re going to want to hear what she has to say. Dr. Ong has a background in trauma surgery and plastic surgery. What she found was that there was a void in aesthetic labiaplasty (vaginal) surgeries. Despite so many of us never hearing about it, it’s one of the fastest growing (400x) types of procedures requested and is a highly underserved market. She dove deep and became an expert! 

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What Happens Down There After Babies and Menopause? 

Just like the changes in your skin, the same thing happens down there. Especially with childbirth, you get some mechanical changes. Exercising, wearing clothes, having sex, and a lot of the normal things we should be able to do as women, become uncomfortable. Women in midlife are experiencing pain during intercourse, leakage, dryness, being self conscious in yoga pants, odor, and more. This interferes with SO much of one’s personal lives. Yet, a lot of women don’t know where or who to turn to talk to about this experience, and once they find someone, they often don’t even know what questions to ask. This is where Dr. Ong specializes – in making sure it’s OKAY to discuss AND FIX these things. 

More About The “Natural” Remedy aka Kegels You See Online – Do They Work? 

Doing kegels can work if you do it consistently every single day and if you do it correctly. You can find a physical therapist to help you train to do it the right way to ensure you are activating the right muscles. There are also light therapy devices that have been used for years in Europe, and then you have the option for a PV Chair that activates a magnetic wave. Radiofrequency can also play a large role in healing that area. 

Where Do I Start For Tightening My Vagina? 

There are two ways to do this: non-surgical and surgical. How do you know which is right for you? There are a series of questions to help you determine the best route, like:

  • Do you have air coming in and out during sex? 
  • Difficulty eliminating bowls 
  • Urinary incontinence 
  • How loose is the vagina? 

The answers to those symptomatic questions (there are more not included here that Dr. Ong asks) will determine your best course of action. If it’s super loose, yes, surgical is the way to go to prevent things from moving around in there. If you are a candidate for the non-surgical route, it will require a series of radiofrequency treatments that DO work if you’re a candidate. 

How Important Are Hormones and Peptides For Sexual Health in Midlife? 

In the body, testosterone is converted to estrogen. Testosterone is the “sex driver”, but estrogen is important for women because estrogen is what the body uses to respond. When we are aging, we are losing estrogen, so functionally our bodies change – which leads to dryness, tissue, changes, and more. This is another way bioidentical hormones could truly help if your body is needing them to function optimally. Peptides (protein molecules) tell the body to do something. Our bodies have thousands and thousands of natural peptides. Peptide supplementation tries to tell the body to do something specific that it should be doing naturally. When using peptides, it’s REALLY important to work with someone who is an expert so you know how much and how long to use it for. 

This, increasing sexual pleasure, and so much more on this episode! 

About Dr. Cheri Ong

Cheri A. Ong, MD, FACS is a board certified plastic surgeon for over 15 years by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American Board of Surgery with a practice currently located in Scottsdale AZ.

Dr. Ong’s expertise is in solving both external and internal vaginal issues. She is highly skilled at separating which issues are surgical (making the vagina more aesthetically pleasing) and which non-surgical (issues such as dryness, arousal, and sensation).

In her practice, Dr. Ong uses different modalities and combination treatments in order to help women optimize their health.

Known for helping women navigate their vaginal insecurities and in turn allowing them to better connect with themselves and others, Dr. Ong combines surgery with regenerative and non-surgical treatment modalities. Her approach enhances function and showcases existing inner beauty, which then brings her clients improved self-confidence as well as more satisfying sex lives.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • What is vaginal rejuvenation
  • What non-surgical options are there to help in mid-life
  • What are the pro’s beyond visual in vaginal rejuvenation
  • What is the PRP method
  • How platelet rich plasma helps rejuvenation naturally