How What is in Your Water is Affecting Your Health with Dr. Paul Barattiero

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I brought Dr. Paul Barattiero on because I wanted to talk hydration — and NOT about the 8 glasses of water a day — but MORE about how your water could be contributing to poor health and the RIGHT way to hydrate! 🙀 Dr. Paul is an N.D. by trade but has been studying hydrogen for YEARS. Twenty years ago, Dr. Paul’s wife had been suffering from a TON of health issues. At the time he specialized in preventing diabetes amputations, but knew he HAD to find a way to help the love of his life. What he learned through his deep research is that the RIGHT amount of hydrogen can reduce oxidative stress, fix chronic inflammation, help offset/prevent/reverse disease models in their tracks (even diabetes), fix our gut biome, and SO MUCH MORE.

How What is in Your Water is Affecting Your Health with Dr. Paul Barattiero ND Pin

Blood Sugar Dysregulation and What It Can Mean and How Disease Starts

Typically, blood sugar dysregulation (diabetes) is a progression of OTHER things being wrong in our bodies — from parasites, to poor gut health, to a whole host of other causes. But really, blood sugar dysregulation can be the result of the progression of something ELSE that we can solve. Diabetes itself come from lipid and glucose metabolism issues, but EVERY single disease comes from the combination of oxidative stress and chronic inflammation. Those are the two leading causes of disease, and yes, there are a number of pathways to get there, but it typically ALWAYS starts with dysfunction in the gut.

All About Oxidative Stress

Oxidation is critical to life itself. Homeostasis is a healthy yin and yang level of oxidation (normal and natural) and reduction inside the body. Oxidative stress is when oxidation rises to an unhealthy level that then causes cell function issues. Normally, if our system is functioning properly, the body has its own antioxidant system to counteract the radicals created within the body. The problem is that biologically, if the body doesn’t have the ability to counteract the radicals from normal functions of our bodies, then we end up with oxidative stress. The bodies reaction to oxidative stress is inflammation, which is not a BAD thing, but if we don’t remove the SOURCE, we end up with chronic inflammation. This combo of oxidative stress and chronic inflammation is the foundation for disease.

In Western meds we will be given medications that STOP our symptoms of our problem…but it doesn’t SOLVE the problem. Generally speaking, taking an anti-inflammatory doesn’t fix the inflammation for good. It just fixes it in the short term and it will come back time and time again. And if you don’t take away the PROBLEM, the temporary solution becomes another new problem…and leads to a never ending cycle.

What Kind of Water Should We Be Drinking?

Our water hasn’t really changed, but the world has. We have introduced A LOT of chemicals — from agriculture, to drugs, to dirty pipes, to you name it. There are a ton of chemicals that are added to water just to make it “safe” to be used at home, but safe isn’t really the right word. If there has ever been a need to remove contaminants out of the water, it is now. You would be crazy to drink tap water these days. 31% of America drinks tap water straight with NO filtration…which means 31% of Americans are getting class three narcotics, blood pressure medication, heavy metals, pesticides, and who knows what else. Honestly, even if you think you are NOT drinking tap water, you are. From restaurant ice to washing produce. Start saying NO to tap water in every single situation you can control.

What About Bottled Water? How Do You Choose?

This topic can be (and IS) really confusing. There was a study done in Europe that took the top leading brands of bottled water and the results showed that due to the way water bottles are formed by nature and the way production lines work, the plastic and chemicals from the melting plastic are IN your water. So step one: if you’re going to drink bottled water, choose a GLASS bottled water. Now if you talk filtered vs. spring, 100 years ago spring water would have been the choice. Nowadays, unfortunately there isn’t really clean spring water left on this planet. Step two: you cannot drink water that is unfiltered; ALWAYS choose filtered. A lot of peple talk about minerals in water being good for you, and it’s a non-truth. Inorganic minerals that come from the ground and are NOT bioavailable to our bodies. We should not be trying to get our mineral content out of water. Although distilled is referred to as “pure”, it’s really not and reverse osmosis is likely your safest bet as far as contaminant levels go.

So What Makes Hydrogen So Good?

The greatest thing you could do is to hydrogen to your water. Our bodies were designed to have an hydrogen generator in our bodies (specific bacteria in our gut called anaerobic microflora). 91-96% of the bacteria in our gut should be anaerobic. But hydrogenotrophs convert short and medium chain fatty acids, as well as fiber, into hydrogen gas…IF we have the hydrogenotrophs in our gut. However, 97% of the population have gut dysfunction and do not have this ability, and if they are NOT producing hydrogen the way they are supposed to (which they aren’t), they are going to have oxidative stress. Hydrogen is CRITICAL for our health and can fix ALL of this at the molecular structure. Everything in our body requires hydrogen to function in our body. Hydrogen is a SELECTIVE antioxidant. Not like typical antioxidants that kill EVERYTHING, hydrogen ONLY reacts with the reactive (cell damaging) oxygen species. Hydrogen stops these from progressing right in their tracks.

All About Dr. Paul’s Water Systems

Dr. Paul designed and developed a water system that takes H2O and separates a small part of the water molecules — H2 from the O. The dissolved state of oxygen goes to the environment, and the dissolved hydrogen then gets carried into the other drinkable water so your body is getting hydrogen the way it is supposed to.

If you were to connect your brain to an EEG while drinking this water you will see about a 32% change in plasticity in 3-5 minutes AND a 58% normalization in Alpha and Beta waves in 3-5 minutes 🤯 Check out a TON of hydrogen studies at Dr. Paul’s compilation database site — you will see that we have been using hydrogen and its benefits for centuries.

He has a number of other systems that can be programmed for a number of other benefits, too!

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My mind was BLOWN in this interview…all this and more in this episode!

About Dr. Paul Barattiero

Dr. Barattiero has lectured across the world over the last 22 years. 14 years ago, he set out to educate the world on the benefits of hydrogen gas. He educates on how molecular hydrogen (H2) reduces oxidative stress and chronic inflammation which is the leading cause of disease. He shares how H2 gas can benefit brain function, gut function, energy, sleep as well as many other benefits. He developed the Echo Water® System. Paul has been featured on television in USA, Germany, and Switzerland.The best resource for studying hydrogen is at

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Every disease comes from oxidative stress and chronic inflammation
  • What is homeostasis?
  • What does chronic inflammation actually mean?
  • What is oxidative stress?
  • Why Hydrogen can stop disease in its tracks
  • What type of water you should be drinking