Preventing and Reversing Type 2 Diabetes with Dr. Beverly Yates

Preventing and Reversing Type 2 Diabetes with Dr. Beverly Yates Pin

Today we are talking about Type 2 Diabetes (and Type 2 specifically). If it’s not affecting YOU, it’s affecting your friends and/or family or someone you know. It’s a super common issue in midlife. The good news is, this type of diabetes can usually be reversed! I was introduced to dr. Beverly Yates from a mutual friend because I was having my own blood sugar challenges (this is a story for another time!) and the first thing that came to mind was — do I have type 2 diabetes? So we dove deep and I LOVED her so much that I knew I HAD to share her knowledge with you! 

Type 2 Diabetes is a current runaway epidemic we are facing, especially in midlife. This is due to a number of reasons: 

  1. We are currently facing a food supply that includes a lot more processed foods 
  2. People are really stressed and often opt for convenience and quick
  3. Reduced sleep 
  4. Difficult situations and trauma 
  5. Lack of exercise that is useful for your body (but you cannot out exercise a bad diet) 

You MUST be eating a healthy, nutrient-dense diet full of foods that agree with you and YOUR body and give you a balanced diet. There isn’t a one size fits all approach, but generally speaking, it’s going to be a balanced diet with a combination of the macronutrients. 

One of the markers is A1C. An A1C of 5.7-5.8 to 6.4 is classifiable as pre-diabetic. Once your A1C is 6.5 and higher, you are type 2 diabetic. 

To reverse your A1C: 

  1. Fiber is your friend is all ways and is a blood sugar and cholesterol sponge 
  2. Your active working muscles are also a blood sugar sponge – so get moving your thighs and back of your legs (wall squats, bodyweight exercises etc.) 

In addition to type 1 and 2, there are two other types of diabetes. 

Type 1.5 (LADA) is a hybrid between  type 1 and 2 diabetes — where there HAS been some type of autoimmune attack on the pancreas. The pancreas IS still making insulin, but not enough to meet that persons metabolic needs. If you have LADA you will likely be put on a low dose of insulin. 

Type 3 (dementia) is clear cognitive impairment that usually follows a blood sugar dysregulation issue that is usually diagnosed as “pre-diabetic” but is not treated seriously. 

If you have a Type 2 diagnosis, here are things to consider right now: 

  1. Take action — make sure your health team is ready to take action and not just want to “watch your numbers”
  2. Are your labs being affected by current life situations? Trauma? Processing unpacked emotions, etc.? 
  3. Are you super stressed?
  4. Do you have a sleep disorder? Have you been told you snore a lot? Perhaps have sleep apnea? 

This, all about trendy diabetic drugs, and more on this podcast episode! 

About Dr. Beverly Yates ND

Dr. Beverly Yates ND is an internationally acclaimed diabetes expert who uses the Yates Protocol to help people get control over their blood sugar, reclaim their energy, and enjoy life again. Many people feel hopeless in their struggles to control their blood sugar. In fact, when people who have type 2 diabetes do seek help, all too often they are shamed and blamed by the doctors and health professionals they consult, who make assumptions about them without first seeking to understand what’s behind the chronically high blood sugar levels that affect many other areas of health. There is no “shaming and blaming” here. It’s been my experience that for most people, there are 2 key lifestyle aspects (other than nutrition and exercise) they don’t know about that make a profound difference in blood sugar control.

The Yates Protocol was developed over the course of her 20-plus-year clinical career, using the Systems Approach from her prior career as an MIT-trained Electrical Engineer. Dr. Yates wanted to help the growing number of new patients who wanted to get control of their blood sugar, naturally.

The Yates Protocol has helped thousands of people around the world to get control of their blood sugar, and I’d like to help you, too. I invite you to take action right now. You can schedule the free, no-obligation consultation call and download the free Blueprint to take your next step to get control of your blood sugar numbers.

Get more information:  

In this episode, you will learn:

  • What CAUSES type 2 diabetes
  • Why there is NOT one plan ideal for blood sugar regulation
  • How to gage how you’re feeling and how it is related to your blood sugar
  • What blood sugars to check and when
  • The most important test to have
  • Why your A1C 5.7-6.4 means PRE DIABETIC
  • How to reverse A1C
  • Why Fiber is your friend for blood sugar and cholesterol
  • What is better? A Continuous glucose monitor or a finger prick
  • What is type 1.5 LADA diabetes?
  • What is the connection between diabetes and Dementia and Alzheimer’s
  • What SHOULD you be doing to reverse this?
  • Is Metformin helpful or harmful for people?
  • Is OZEMPIC helpful or dangerous?
  • Why is skipping a meal not a good idea as a diabetic?
  • How CORTISOL affects Blood Sugar

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