I Did a Parasite Cleanse, Here is What Happened with Laura Frontiero

This might be the weirdest podcast episode I’ve ever done LOL but I just did a parasite cleanse…and things literally came out of me…and Laura is the culprit! I wanted to have her on so we can talk about all the things that I have learned, all the things that have left me, all of the things that have changed, and most importantly…the RESULTS!

If you missed the back story, I had a lot of random health things going on that I had just chalked up to my age (51). I thought it was my hormones to be honest.  I was experiencing: 

  • A lot of fatigue around 3pm every day 
  • Waking up at 3am out of my sleep 
  • Lab tests were showing high cortisol at odd times 
  • High A1C and insulin and fasting blood sugar (which doesn’t make sense based on how I eat)
  • Extremely high cholesterol (I blamed my genetics) 
  • Complete estrogen dominance 
  • Bloating after I ate

But it was the blood sugar ordeal that really scared me the most. I wore a CGM and even after eating low glycemic foods, my blood sugar would spike over 200 – which made ZERO sense to me. As the control freak I am, I did EVERYTHING I thought I could to try to control my blood sugar…and nothing was working. Cherry on the top was that at night, my blood sugar was crashing SUPER crazy low. 

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I went to about 6 or 7 doctors to address this and I was TOLD “You’re prediabetic, let’s take metformin, and adjust your hormones.” My personal doctor told me over 2 years ago that I should do a stool test and I told her gross, no way no how. BUT I should have. In desperate measure, and basically fearful panic, I FINALLY did a GI Mapping test (a stool analysis). Come to find out…I had THREE parasites AND a severe leaky gut. Now, if you know me, you know how crazy healthy I eat and have eaten for years! I eat strictly unprocessed, natural real foods, organic, free range, you name it and I exercise daily. 

At first, one my doctors wanted to give me antibiotics and crazy stuff that didn’t make sense – antibiotics will not at all help a leaky gut. That’s only going to make it worse. *palm to face* 

Thennnnn I talked to Laura Frontiero. 

Who knew that we can have over 100 parasites?! And that parasites can live literally anywhere in your body?! They can migrate through your bloodstream and host anywhere – from your stomach, to your sinuses, to your lungs, to your pancreas, etc. Ironically, I was “lucky” to show 3 parasites (and a host of other bacteria like H.pylori, E.coli, and Staph) in my gut from my GI mapping test. And I say lucky because finally, after years of trying to be convinced I should do a parasite cleanse by my friends Laura and Sinclair, I saw the proof. I needed to do a parasite cleanse – I needed to get these worms out of me ASAP lol. 

Why Doesn’t the Western Medical World Test for This? 

Laura spent over 20 years practicing in the Western medicine world. Gut health was not taught in traditional medical school. In the last 10-15 years, there has been major headway in the “gut space”. Western medicine, on the other hand, is a very slow steering ship. They are good at “treating” crisis symptoms and emergencies…but not CURING things. The other sad truth is that there simply is no money in this approach for Western medicine – if you don’t need the repetitive doctor visits and the prescriptions and basically to STAY sick, they won’t make money from insurance, and the system collapses. And newsflash: insurance does NOT care about you. They should not be dictating your health. 

Are All Parasite Cleanses Created Equal? 

NO. It’s SO super important to work with a practitioner who understands that you MUST prep the body first before you go in and start killing the parasites. In addition, it’s REALLY important to get practitioner-grade supplements because the FDA regulates LABELS of pills…not the INGREDIENTS. They don’t regulate the purity or the quality or the strength of the ingredients. The practitioner-grade products are the correct potency.

The Successful Parasite Cleanse I Did

I dove head first into the parasite cleanse for the next three months working with Laura and honestly, I SWEAR by the cleanse. It wasn’t even two weeks into the protocol when my out of control blood sugar completely regulated. I could even eat a PILE of sugar right now and my blood sugar is totally fine. 

  • My blood sugar is normal 
  • I don’t have the 3pm crash
  • I don’t have the 3am wake up
  • I have major focus and energy 
  • Literally everything has resolved

The parasite cleanse truly wasn’t that challenging; it happens in 3 stages.

Stage 1: OPEN 

Stage one is where you open your body’s pathways in order to be able to clear whatever it is jamming up your system (fungus, bacteria, parasites, etc). This stage is where you are prepping your body to be able to tolerate the killing process because if you just go in and kill kill kill, you’re going to create a bigger problem (like feeling sick, having a reverse reaction, etc.) as it’s really hard on your immune system. This stage was SUPER easy and I started seeing a few extra things coming out the back end. 

Stage 2: CLEAR

This is when things got freaky…and I started passing visible parasites in the toilet. Now that the pathways are open, you are able to clear out the junk. 

Stage 3: REBUILD 

After you are done clearing, it’s time to rebuild. Stage 3 is where you rebuild the gut microbiome, the intestinal wall, and fix your leaky gut. 

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About Laura Frontiero

Have you ever heard these myths about blood sugar control and cravings? Myth 1: Only people with diabetes need to worry about blood sugar levels. Myth 2: Sugar cravings are just a lack of willpower. Myth 3: Parasites have no impact on blood sugar control. Stay tuned as our guest, Laura Frontiero, reveals the truth about the impact of parasites on blood sugar control and cravings.

Laura Frontiero is an authority in the arena of gut health, holistic healing, and parasitology. She opens the gateway for individuals to explore the profound impacts parasites can have on blood sugar control and cravings. Laura’s passion and commitment to health shine through her ground-breaking approaches that are transforming countless lives. Her approach isn’t just about treating the symptoms but delving deep into their root causes. Laura believes that providing insights into the complexities of our bodies is the key to lasting change. Through her hands-on experience and profound understanding, she offers invaluable insights to those struggling with sugar cravings and blood sugar issues, guiding them towards achieving a healthier, balanced life.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • About the pivotal role of gut health in maintaining a robust wellness quotient
  • Discern the subtle link between parasites and the much-dreaded autoimmune disorders
  • Enlighten yourself about the startling influence parasites assert on your blood sugar control and food cravings
  • Understand the overlooked shortcomings of Western medicine when it comes to gut health and chronic health issues
  • Realize the importance of practitioner-grade supplements in your journey towards optimal health

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