Creating Confidence in Midlife with Caroline Baudino

Today I’ve got my new friend Caroline. She’s 51 and HYSTERICAL! She is completely breaking the mold of what people 50+ should be. She’s kicking midlife in the BUTT and proving all of the negative talk about midlife to be completely wrong! 

How Did Caroline Get Started in Midlife? 

Caroline was always in the show biz, known for dressing up and looking fly. But at the age of 38 she became a mom! And all of a sudden, she found herself dependent. To add to it, Hhr dad was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and her mom fell apart. Somewhere in the mix of all this change, she lost who she had always been. She walked past the mirror and didn’t recognize herself. Similar to my story, she had a moment with herself in the mirror where she DECIDED that’s it – I am bringing back the BEST version of you. In that moment she reminded herself that she is smart, she can do hard things, and there was no reason for her to have ever given away her power due to circumstances. She turned her mom’s demise, lack of opportunity, and lack of confidence into her own inspiration. 

Creating Confidence in Midlife with Caroline Baudino and Natalie Jill Pin

A Message to Women in Midlife

If you’re doing your job, your kids are going to be fabulous people who go on to live their successful lives. So what are YOU going to do for the next 20, 30, 40 years?! You have the opportunity to start your life completely over. You can start anything you want – a hobby, a business, you name it. We have the internet that allows us to take anything we LOVE and turn it into something that makes us money. You can chase looks (but let’s face it, you will NEVER be 20 again…), you can change anything external – but unless you have PURPOSE, you likely won’t feel lit up and on fire. 

How to Get Your Confidence Back in Midlife? 

Start small and easy. Don’t over complicate it. Take small easy steps that you can accomplish. Get out of pajamas and into clean clothes. Take a shower. Do your makeup. Take a walk around the block. Put some jewelry on. Practice self talk and gratitude. Do little things that make you feel good and it will compound! 

Tips for Feeling Your Best in Midlife: 

  1. Choose happy…in every situation. It’s so much easier to feel miserable, but you have the POWER to be and choose happy. Happiness is a mindset. 
  2. Get up and get dressed! We don’t need permission to look good, feel good, or do what we want to do. Tell yourself you’re WORTH IT by putting in the effort to get ready and look fabulous. When you look better, you feel better! 
  3. Stop letting comparison be the thief of joy. There is ALWAYS going to be something better. Don’t spend your time analyzing something else so much that you’re missing out on all of the precious moments you will never get back. 
  4. Feel your emotions…and give yourself a deadline to make a choice. Honor your feelings, but then take the action to get past it and reclaim yourself and move forward. 

This and SO much more gold on this episode! 

About Caroline Baudino

Caroline Baudino is a lifestyle blogger and has grown a large social media following talking about fashion. She has created a destination for women who have an appreciation for fashion & style, but also a safe-haven to talk about the peaks and valleys of being a mom, wife, caregiver and woman in general, providing a little motivation to look good, feel good and then go do good.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • The importance of community and network
  • How to create fun fashion in mid-life
  • Why you need to take chances
  • Where do you start to build confidence

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