Community, Fashion and Connection in Midlife with Lindsey Schwartz

If you look at the hierarchy of needs, connection and belonging is just above food, shelter, and clothing. Lindsey is a COMMUNITY powerhouse! She’s got a knack for pulling powerhouse women together and I think this is SO important for women in general, but definitely in midlife. I hear time and time again about how challenging it is for women to find community and connect with new friends. It can be so easy to fall into a victim cycle and play in your comfort zone. 

How To Build A Brand In Midlife With Your Hype Girl Jenn Reed

Get ready for a fun (and shall I say fiery?) midlife conversation with the fabulous Jenn Reed. Our meeting on Instagram was pure fate. She’s the hype girl for midlife and truly inspires me. Her videos are funny, engaging, and so relatable, covering everything from fashion to makeup tips. What sets her apart is that she built her brand doing what she loves, especially during this pivotal time in life. Don’t miss out on our conversation. It’s an opportunity to get to know Jenn better, and I guarantee you’ll quickly become a fan.