How To Build A Brand In Midlife With Your Hype Girl Jenn Reed

How To Build A Brand In Midlife With Your Hype Girl Jenn Reed pin

Get ready for a fun (and shall I say fiery?) midlife conversation with the fabulous Jenn Reed. Our meeting on Instagram was pure fate. She’s the hype girl for midlife and truly inspires me. Her videos are funny, engaging, and so relatable, covering everything from fashion to makeup tips. What sets her apart is that she built her brand doing what she loves, especially during this pivotal time in life. Don’t miss out on our conversation. It’s an opportunity to get to know Jenn better, and I guarantee you’ll quickly become a fan. 

Jenn shares SO much relatable content for those of us in midlife – AND she built her entire brand IN midlife. She is one of us! As a 52 year old mom, who previously worked in corporate America, had babies, stayed home with them, started a few home businesses, and then hit what she calls “meno-hell”. After 25 years on birth control, she began to question why she was working so hard in other areas of her life to be healthy (like grass fed hormone free milk and meat), yet, was feeding herself synthetic hormones every day. 

After she came off birth control, everything went haywire. She was in her late 40s and her hormones were completely out of whack. She lost her hair, experienced depression, no mojo, and everything was as she says, was a “hot mess”. Worst of all, she felt so alone. It seemed that no one else was going though this…and if they were…they weren’t talking about it! 

She learned so much in her meno-hell that she wanted to share as much as possible with other women to help them and let them know that they are not alone. This is one of the reasons I love her so much – we are on the SAME midlife mission! 

“There is absolutely NO age limit on a woman feeling and looking her best – midlife and beyond.”

Confidence in Midlife is MORE About the FIRST STEP

Life is NOT over and your best years are NOT behind you, even though it may feel that way. The way society has pushed this message out in midlife for so long that we are washed up and irrelevant, is complete bull. It is NOT the truth and there is so much room to live a great life and be confident in midlife. A lot of great women talk about the fact that it’s not really about HAVING confidence – it’s about having the COURAGE to try/do something new. Whether it’s wearing something new, or stepping into the weight room with a bunch of built dudes…in time, the confidence will come after you take those actions. 

Makeup in Midlife 

In midlife we need a few things: we need our makeup to be simple, easy, and customizable. SO much changes in midlife – including our skin! The same makeup we used to use just aren’t going to work anymore. We need creams. It’s also important to remember that less is more…in all aspects! 

This and SO MUCH more on this episode! 

In this episode, you will learn: 

  • Tips on building a social media brand in midlife
  • Secrets to confidence in midlife
  • What is the best makeup routine for women over 50
  • How to overcome “meno-hell” and get off the pill

[00:00:37] Becoming a social media influencer in midlife. 

Jenn reveals why she’s not a huge fan of the term influencer. However, what she embraces is the gift of being able to share what she’s learned throughout her journey. A 52-year-old mama who’s built businesses in line with fitness and nutrition coaching, she helps many others overcome “menopause hell.”

[05:29] There is absolutely no age limit on a woman wanting to look and feel her best in midlife and beyond! So many women over 50 feel like life is over. They feel like their best years are behind them. We can relate because we’ve been in that place ourselves. 

[10:13] The super in-the-moment inspired and original videos always make the best content. 

Natalie says you can’t go wrong by being genuine. Sometimes the most thought-out and planned are never the ones to do well, but those that are just in the moment do best because they connect better with people.

[11:50] With hormonal changes during menopause, our skin undergoes transformations that make our go-to makeup less effective. (It’s a frustrating experience, and we all can relate to it.) But there’s a silver lining! Jenn recommends cream makeup as the ultimate solution to our dilemma. 

[13:50] Overlined lips and crazy big eyelashes? As we age, we must focus on subtlety in our beauty routines. Midlife makeup, according to Jenn, should emphasize our natural beauty. It is the way to go. 

[00:17:09] Makeup to make the face look lifted. Jenn recommends how to recreate dimension in the face by using contour. A simple, paint-by-numbers makeup line designed for mature skin that can be blended and applied all in 5 minutes.

About Jenn Reed

After spending 15 years with a Fortune 500 company & climbing the corporate ladder, Jenn pursued a very important job – being a mom! While it was the most rewarding and fulfilling role, it was not financially lucrative. Jenn’s passion for wellness and fitness led her to a career where she could earn a living while helping others achieve better health. 

Currently, she’s a global beauty entrepreneur who focuses on helping women over 50 feel amazing. She firmly believes that age should never hold you back from looking and feeling your best, especially in midlife and beyond.

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