Community, Fashion and Connection in Midlife with Lindsey Schwartz

If you look at the hierarchy of needs, connection and belonging is just above food, shelter, and clothing. Lindsey is a COMMUNITY powerhouse! She’s got a knack for pulling powerhouse women together and I think this is SO important for women in general, but definitely in midlife. I hear time and time again about how challenging it is for women to find community and connect with new friends. It can be so easy to fall into a victim cycle and play in your comfort zone. 

But what I’ve found as I’ve dug deeper into the secrets of midlife fulfillment…is that one of the big big secrets is to be pushing yourself OUTSIDE of your comfort zones, and working toward a goal…something that you’re focused on achieving…and trying new things. You can have all the success at something, and lack fulfillment. It’s easy to see success…but it’s even easier to tell yourself that YOU can’t do it. I don’t know a SINGLE super successful person who is 100000% confident. I just don’t. And if someone says they are, I don’t really believe them lol. 

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One thing I REALLY admire about Lindsey is how she never gave up in her vision – even when she hosted an event that NO ONE showed up to. Even when she thought people might never pay $70 to attend one (even though they did…and now pay HUNDREDS of dollars just to attend!) She never fell into self beat up and saw herself as a failure. She would look at a situation and find the lesson, pivot, and move forward. 

If you are someone who has been wanting to be the person who connects others, her advice is to just be the person who provides a PLACE and SPACE for people to CONNECT and it’s okay to smart small. Trust that you are not the only person who is craving connection! Imagine the WORST case scenario you can think of…and ask yourself, what would you do if that happens? Now you know, that is literally the worst that can happen and you have NOTHING to lose! 

Now…the MAIN reason I wanted to have Lindsey on the show is because her events are like a big ol’ fashion show! 😂 And I love this. I am a firm believer that at ANY AGE we can claim how we want to show up in life, and NO, being in midlife does NOT mean you need to simmer down. If you don’t claim how you want to show up NOW, when will you?! Stop hiding behind the leggings and the baggy clothes. The second you DO show up for yourself, your EVERYTHING will change. 

So many women are stuck in “people pleasing tendencies”. It’s easy for someone to say “just don’t care what people say about you…” but of course we care! One of the MOST beautiful things about connecting with other people who are wanting to connect, is that ALL of these new expressions are EMBRACED and supported and cheered on. On the other hand, you should accept why YOU want to do something…and avoid the people who are not there to celebrate your most expressed self! 

About Lindsey Schwartz

Lindsey Schwartz is an author, investor, master community builder, and the founder of Powerhouse Women. Fiercely committed to supporting other women, Lindsey invests her time in mentoring women and girls of all ages—from high achieving entrepreneurs to high school students. 

After seeing numerous women in her life stop short of pursuing their own entrepreneurial dreams because of fear and self-doubt, she saw the need for more honest conversations about the ups & downs of entrepreneurship in order to show women that they don’t have to have it all together to get started. From there, the Powerhouse Women community, annual event, and podcast were born, with the motto that we’re not meant to do business (or life) alone! 

5 secrets to silencing self doubt, becoming your next level self, and taking bold action toward your big ideas:


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In this episode, you will learn:

  • How to tap in to top tier fashion in midlife
  • Why you need community and connection more than ever
  • Where to find your tribe
  • What you can do to become more social
  • The benefits of surrounding yourself with the right people in midlife