Is Infrared Sauna Therapy the Ultimate Health Hack with Connie Zack

Today we are continuing down the road of BIOHACKING for women in midlife – things we can do to help us heal, remove mycotoxins from our body, things that can help us look and feel better. If you’ve been following me, you know that I recently went through an explant surgery. In looking at ways to get all of those toxins out of me from the rupture I had, I was looking EVERYWHERE from red light, to hyperbaric oxygen, to infrared sauna. I kept stumbling upon just HOW important the infrared sauna was to healing…but not gonna lie…the ones at the gym gross me out lol. 

I decided it was time to get one in my home and I have loved having it at the house. So today I had Connie Zack, the founder of Sunlighten Saunas, on to help teach us why Infrared Saunas are so important to our healing. 

Why Did Sunlighten Saunas Get Started? 

Is Infrared Sauna Therapy the Ultimate Health Hack with Connie Zack pin

Connie’s brother was extremely ill who thought he had tried everything possible to try to heal himself. He had fatigue, vertigo, body wide pain, and couldn’t get out of bed. His dentist told him that his amalgam fillings were leaking into his body and he had mercury toxicity! 

Even though this was over 25 years ago when no one knew about infrared saunas, his dentist in St. Louis had been doing research and knew that the wavelength of infrared was able to detoxify the body from heavy metals. Her brother instantly bought an infrared sauna and over time really changed his life and saved him! He was able to detoxify completely and get up out of bed and completely transform! It was this transformation that inspired Connie to bring the concept of infrared saunas to the world. 

Why Is Infrared Important and Different Than a Traditional Sauna? 

Infrared is the most important part of the equation because it’s the HEALING part of sunlight’s spectrum. Infrared is about 55% of the sun’s natural rays, and infrared sauna brings the benefit of the sun’s light inside to us. It’s basically taking the best part of the sun’s healing energy – the part when the sun hits your skin on a cloudy day and feels sooooo good and rejuvenating – into your home. 

What is magical about the wavelength is that there are 3 different parts and each part of the spectrum (far, mid, near) has separate healing properties! For example, the far infrared wavelength, is excellent at being absorbed deeply at the cellular level, changing the structure of the water molecules, increasing the core temperature of your body – and creates a quality of sweat that brings out the trapped mercury. Traditional sweating doesn’t have the same level of cleansing. 

What Are Some of the Benefits of the Infrared Sauna? 

This is a whole system body hack! It sounds crazy…and sounds too good to be true…but it really is a miracle box lol! Some of the benefits you can expect to experience: 

  • Detoxification
  • Pain Relief
  • Immunity
  • Stress Reduction
  • Weight Loss 
  • Heart Health
  • Inflammation 
  • Anti-Aging
  • Skin Benefits  

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When, How Long, and How Often Should You Use the Sauna? 

Each program has its own scientifically backed time frame to follow ranging between 30-45 minutes BUT it’s always better to do 10 minutes than none at all! Time of day doesn’t really matter – it’s best to go when it’s best for you. It’s a very powerful day and you CAN use it every day, as long as you are staying hydrated and monitoring your electrolytes. It is recommended to do the sauna at least 3 days a week, BUT, again, one time is better than zero. It is NOT an all or nothing type of thing! 

When Should You NOT Use The Infrared Sauna? 

Always consult with your practitioner/doctor before using. I was personally told by mine that while I had an active rupture to NOT use the sauna. 

About Connie Zack at Sunlighten

Sunlighten’s story began over 20 years ago when Connie and Aaron Zack watched her brother’s life transform with the help of infrared light. A decade of failing to find relief from debilitating illness had brought him to a dark place in his health battle with chronic fatigue, mercury poisoning and spinal injury. A dentist recommended infrared light therapy, and it changed his life. He came to life again, able to create his art and do what he loves once again. He founded Sunlight saunas to share what he had found and bring this healing light to others. 

Inspired by his experience, the Zack’s harnessed their history as pharmaceutical associates and committed everything they had to growing Sunlighten and mastering infrared light, bringing the most amount of infrared—and most health benefits—into the body so others could live their best lives, too. They’ve poured their lives into helping others through innovating and leading the infrared sauna industry.

In this episode, you will learn: 

  • The benefits infrared light
  • Why utilizing a sauna for your health is crucial
  • Can you lose weight using this therapy?
  • How often you should use infrared and sauna therapy