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GenX Unfiltered and Real Talk with The Real Slim Sherri and Natalie Jill Pin

I found Sherri on social media and I absolutely love her. She’s my new favorite midlife person to follow — a pure comedian. I LOVE her outlook on life and how she is FULLY thriving in midlife. She defies the odds, tells it how it is, and takes something that might make someone spiral and turns it into something empowering. She spent her entire year being 49 grieving her youth and fearing turning 50. 50 hit, and a new door opened for her. From thinking she’d start social media for her business to actually just having FUN on social, she has used her platforms to shine light onto midlife situations for us. I am excited for you to meet her!

A lot of us grew up being taught by society that turning 50 meant something specific. That we were just old…and we look old…and are less worthy due to our looks and our fertility and you name it. If you’re like me and Sherri, you realize you don’t HAVE to subscribe to that message — it doesn’t HAVE to be that way, and if you follow me, you already know that I am one of the BIGGEST advocates for making your midlife your BEST chapter yet.

Age is truly a state of mind, and so is youth! To be older might be to be wiser. But to be young, is beyond measure. Just because you are getting “older” doesn’t mean that you can’t be young in spirit. Just because our bodies might be “breaking down” or our minds might be “breaking down” doesn’t mean WE have to break down; they do not define you. There is so much more to enjoy in the future. You can choose to either be miserable OR you can take something that COULD BE a negative, and make it positive. You can be empowered to:

  • Change Your Mindset
  • Embrace Where You Are In Life
  • Remember Things Behind You Are Behind You For A Reason

Being in midlife does NOT mean that life is OVER — you can BE the “midlife” label rebel and experience true freedom, unmatched joy, and live your dream life.

This and SO MUCH MORE on this episode!

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About The Real Slim Sherri

Meet Sherri, but you can call her the Real Slim Sherri! She’s a music enthusiast and a dancing diva, making waves on TikTok with her infectious energy and positive vibes! 

Sherri’s journey on TikTok revolves around grooving to the hottest tunes, sharing her passion for music, and inspiring others to embrace their true selves. With every video she creates, she aims to brighten your day and lift your spirits! 

From taking on viral dance challenges to creating heartwarming moments, Sherri’s content is a delightful mix of entertainment and motivation. Her mission is to connect with her audience, fostering a community of like-minded individuals who share the love for music and dancing.

Find more from Sherri (from social media to online boutique to skincare) HERE.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How you can thrive in midlife
  • How humor can enhance your life & your health
  • How you can block out the haters in your life
  • Why sharing your journey can help motivate others
  • How you can be the midlife rebel
  • Finding joy and freedom in midlife

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