Enzymes and Correct Supplement Dosing with Doug Grant

Doug Grant is known as “The Formulator” and has made SUCH A BIG difference in my life in terms of testing and supplements. I mean, who knew that you’re actually supposed to FEEL your supplements when you take them?! Lol I didn’t – and never did, until I started taking his. They are such high quality supplements that I can actually FEEL the difference when I take them. I feel more alert, more energized, more focused. Not in a caffeine way…but just an extra edge in your performance. Come to find out, a lot of the supplements we can find out there (even if from a “good natural brand”) are synthetics and make it hard for our body to even use – if it even can! 

Should Everyone Be Supplementing? 

Short answer is yes. There was a study done of over 1,000 people and every single one of them came back nutrient deficient. They went on to study how much food they would have to eat in a given day in order to reach the recommended daily values of a number of different things, and it took up to 27,000 calories worth to get there! This number BLEW MY MIND when I first heard it. I was a believer in that if you were eating a “nutrient rich” whole food, clean diet, you did not need to supplement because you were getting your nutrients from the food!  But 27,000 calories is a A WHOLE LOT of extra calories just to reach your recommended values is why we can recommend that supplementing is for everyone!  Making sure your nutrients are balanced in the body has been made easy these days – and when they are balanced, everything else becomes easier on your body. 

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Why Did People Not Supplement Before? 

The quality of the food has REALLY gone down as years go on. In addition, people are now eating processed or fast food derivatives. We are not getting the nutrients as we are supposed to. In addition, farmers are not rotating their crops and even though they are “fortifying” the food, they are doing so with synthetic nutrients. So really, every year, the quality of our food gets WORSE. We are having from a 600-900% increase in diseases in the last decade and it is OFTEN due to nutrient deficiencies (by way of setting your body up to be more susceptible). 

Deficiencies and Supplements for Women in Midlife 

It can be said with certainty that there are certain things women in midlife should be doing for sure: increase Vitamin D, increase fatty acids, and increase probiotics – as a baseline. 

Vitamin D is really important because it works as a hormone and works with calcium to keep calcium in the bone. Every single person, especially women in midlife, need Vitamin D (and no, you can’t always get enough activation from the sun – we go over that in this episode). 

Your body makes hormones from good fats. It doesn’t matter how bad your body needs hormones, if you don’t have those fatty acids available, your body cannot make them. The best place to get these is from a plant source. 

Magnesium and calcium are also really important in midlife. We all know about calcium, but magnesium is a little less popular (and can get confusing). Magnesium glycinate is really important for you in terms of nutrients (like in spinach, broccoli, etc.). Many other magnesium types are more meant to help with constipation. 

Probiotics are also super important – 90% of our serotonin and 50% of our dopamine are created from the probiotics in our gut. Anything acidic in our life (soda, alcohol, stress etc.) or the acid we create during a hormonal change, destroy our probiotics. 

Enzymes are definitely overlooked and not talked about enough. If you don’t digest your food enough, you need to give it help. 

Those are the basics, and from there, you can dial it into your individual cell levels with individual testing and feel a HUGE difference. 

More About Why We Need Enzymes 

In its RAW form, food has the correct enzymes we need to be able to digest it. As soon as we alter it by cooking/preparing it, it loses the enzymes we need to be able to digest it and this is when supplementing with enzymes becomes critical. As soon as I learned this from Doug I started taking his digestive enzymes within an hour of my meals (almost every meal lol sometimes I forget). 

Synthetic vs. Whole Food Supplements 

I learned the hard (and expensive way) that just because a supplement is a good natural brand, does not mean it’s a whole food supplement. Unless it says made from whole food, it is likely synthetic. The way to make sure you are getting the real deal from whole foods is to make sure the label says where it comes from like “from carrots” or “from cranberries” or “from whole food” etc. Otherwise, it’s probably synthetic and could be creating even MORE issues. When it comes to probiotics, you want it to say “heat resistant / stabilized” on the label. 

Lab Testing for Custom Supplements 

Every body is different – we all know that by now! So why wouldn’t the exact nutrients our body needs be unique to us as well? They are. This is where lab testing comes in really handy and proves to offer extreme benefit. Lab testing for your supplements makes sure you are not only taking the right supplements, but also in the right amounts! Taking the right amounts, of the right supplements, made from whole foods, makes a HUGE difference on your system. In addition to helping with nutrient supplementation, blood labs are just generally important about every 6 months in order to maximize efforts and prevent disease.

Douglas was the first nutritionist hired by an NBA team. He took the athletes’ blood and analyzed their cells to find out why they were performing well. Then he provided customized nutrients to improve each athlete’s cellular health. This helped lead to 7 World Championships. He was also the 1st nutritionist in the WNBA and did groundbreaking research on women, their specific needs, and how to help them perform their best while maintaining hormonal balance.

He trains 1,000s of health professionals every year on how to prescribe nutrition and nutrients instead of drugs. He is also the former owner of Iron Man Magazine and was inducted into the Natural Bodybuilding Hall of Fame. Doug the Formulator and his 3x Ms. Olympia wife, Hilary, coach high-achieving couples. This includes CEOs and their spouses like Russell Brunson, David Meltzer, Alison Prince, and others. His mission is to provide the knowledge and systems to help people achieve optimal health and balance naturally.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • The importance of nutrients and supplements in overall health and well-being
  • How diet plays a significant role in nutrient absorption and deficiency.
  • The need for additional supplementation
  • The difference between synthetic versus whole food vitamins.
  • The impact of regular blood work in identifying nutrient deficiencies
  • The advantages of having customized supplementation based on lab test results

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