Creating Financial Freedom in Midlife with Marina Worre

Creating Financial Freedom In Midlife With Marina Worre pin

Marina Worre – Co-Founder & CEO of Network MarketingPro, Inc.; Creator of The MostPowerful Women in Network Marketing Event; Founder& CEO of Worre Studios. When people think of the most powerful women in NetworkMarketing, one of the names at the top of almost every list is Marina Worre.

As Co-Founder & CEO of Network Marketing Pro, Inc.– the largest and most respected training company for Network Marketing Professionals in the world – Marina embraced her entrepreneurial spirit at a young age. While studying for a degree in economics, at just 18, she opened her first business – a high-end children’s clothing store. Over the years, other business ventures would follow, but it was her involvement with the Network Marketing Profession that would change her business, her life, and her destiny.

While actively building her Network Marketing business, she attended a large international convention for her company in Moscow where she met and eventually fell in love with her soulmate, Eric Worre. Under the Network MarketingPro banner, Marina and Eric have produced thousands of hours of video-based training content and some of the largest and most prestigious in-person training events in the world– including Go Pro Recruiting Mastery and TheMost Power Women in Network Marketing.

And she’s just getting started.

A true inspirational leader, it is Marina’s mission to help women of all ages, races, and creeds find their greatness and step into their true potential by embracing their entrepreneurial spirit just like she has. She has been featured on Fox 5News, and in the Las VegasReview-Journal

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Why network marketing gets a bad wrap
  • How you can make huge passive income
  • Why challenges are only opportunities
  • Why you shouldn’t listen to the doubters