Managing the Personalities of Your Changing Hormones with Dr. Mindy Pelz

Sidenote: in interviewing Dr. Mindy I learned that HRT and Bioidentical hormones are NOT the same thing! HRT = synthetic estrogen (e.g. pellets) and Bioidentical = the natural micro-dosed version. #themoreyouknow 😁 I do bioidenticals — NOT HRT — and adding the lowest dose made a HUGE difference for me!

You know those crazy emotions people joke about in midlife and menopause? Well, there’s a reason for them, and no — we aren’t crazy! It’s justified. It’s actually because in midlife our adrenals begin to take on the role of TWO jobs — both managing stress and now producing our sex hormones. This extra work load makes us much more reactive to stress. Meanwhile, your brain is having to adjust to losing estrogen. The stress you were able to handle at 35 years old you just simply can’t. This is what creates the HORMONE PERSONALITIES!

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Let’s get into those perimenopause personalities a bit more.

Estrogen is what gives us mental clarity, allows us to be able to multitask, incredible verbal skills, ability to want to connect. So when you’re feeling like everyone is making you want to cry, you can’t remember anything, have super hot flashes, and want to crawl up into a ball — it’s probably your estrogen doing her down. Two days later when you feel great — it’s your estrogen bouncing back up. We have a roller coaster until post menopause. If she could talk to you about what diet she likes, she would say that she likes glucose to be lower, she doesn’t like insulin to spike, and she doesn’t mind cortisol.

Progesterone is completely different. Estrogen and progesterone are like twin sisters. The look the same, they have the same last name, we put them in the same category of sex hormones, but they have vastly different personalities. While estrogen makes us want to connect, progesterone makes us want to go inward. It’s very vulnerable to cortisol and wants us to slow down. This is what is responsible for your chocolate and carb cravings 🙂 progesterone needs the glucose in order to do her job (before your cycle).

Testosterone in a woman does three things. Libido, motivation, and drive. When it’s low, you may feel like you cannot complete a project to save your life, you have low motivation, and don’t really feel like doing things.

Dr. Mindy Pelz is a renowned holistic health expert and one of the leading voices in educating women about their bodies. She is on a mission to start a women’s health revolution!

Teaching her signature “5-Step Approach,” Dr. Mindy has empowered hundreds of thousands of people around the world to harness their body’s own healing abilities through fasting, diet variation, detoxing chemicals from the body, stress management, and lifestyle changes – as keys to achieving optimum health and slowing down the aging process. Her private coaching group, The Reset Academy, teaches women how to sync a fasting lifestyle with their hormones.

Dr. Mindy’s high-profile clients include entertainer LeAnn Rimes, former race car driver Danica Patrick, and actress Kat Graham – co-host of their joint podcast “Women United.”  She has also worked with popular influencer Jesse Itzler, Olympic athletes, Academy Award-winning actors, Silicon Valley CEOs, and countless patients looking to supercharge their body’s healing powers!

You can learn more from Dr. Mindy here.

In this episode, you will learn:

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Why perimenopause can be worse than menopause
  • How ‘Fasting Like a Girl’ can help you through the symptoms!
  • What you can do to thrive through midlife and menopause

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