Self Empowerment is the Key to Aging Well with Cheryl Wood

Self Empowerment Is The Key To Aging Well With Cheryl Wood Pin

Dr. Cheryl Wood is the CEO of Global Speakers University, a training and development company that equips women entrepreneurs and leaders with the tools to master the art of sharing their unique voice, story, message, and expert knowledge. Wood is an international 2x TEDx keynote speaker, executive speaker development coach, and 20x best-selling author who has delivered riveting keynotes for clients including NASA, Verizon, Prudential, Capital One, U.S. Department of Defense, U.S. Department of Agriculture, the FBI, The United Nations, Federally Employed Women, Blacks In Government, and a host of law firms, corporations, and international conferences. 

Wood’s signature conference, SpeakerCon, reaches thousands of entrepreneurs and leaders annually to provide them with strategies and techniques to “transform the world one word at a time!” 

Wood has helped over 150,000 women leaders to exponentially increase their impact, influence and income by helping them to polish their stage presence, increase their platform confidence, and develop transformational messages that move audiences into decisive action that produces desired results. 

Wood is the recipient of the 2021 President’s Lifetime Achievement Award for dedicating more than a decade to helping women amplify their voices.  In 2019 she was awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Philosophy Degree for her commitment to educating and empowering women globally to get outside of their comfort zone and into their power zone while becoming the best version of themselves. Wood believes a woman’s legacy, impact and wealth is connected to her voice and that it’s time for more women to speak up!

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Why speaking up is pivotal in your life
  • What making an impact does to aging well
  • Why community is important in Midlife

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