Being Fitter Than Fit at Almost 60 with Clark Bartram

Being Fitter Than Fit at Almost 60 with Clark Bartram Pin

Clark is one of my FAVORITE humans, who does NOT look like your average 59 year old. He lives the work and is as fit as they come. I really wanted to have a guys perspective on the show to school us on how to be THIS fit in midlife. We are both in alignment in how midlife should look. It’s a simple shift from where you’re currently at to where you COULD be and SHOULD be!

Is His Fitness Due to “Just Genetics”?

A lot of people who see Clark might assume it’s “just genetics” that has him looking the way he does. Clark would say he is genetically inclined to look the way he looks BUT had he taken a different route in life, he would NOT look the way he looks. Simple as that, and it’s true. 20% is genetics and 80% is lifestyle. Anyone’s genetics are only as good as the work they continue to put in! In fact, years ago he was hired to get “out of shape” for E.A.S. Body for Life. He was the face of one of the largest ad campaign in fitness called The New Theory of Evolution. The goal was to get Clark UNFIT (FAT) and then transform him naturally back to his fit self. He started super fit…and had to get fat. So how did he do it? He just started eating a bunch…a bunch of pizza and donuts and a ton of other things we know better than to over indulge on! So if that’s not proof that your lifestyle is to give credit to, I don’t know what is!

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What Does Clark’s Nutrition Look Like to Be So Fit?

Clark really doesn’t follow trends — he only does things he WANTS to, based on gut feelings. If things are working for you, don’t change them. However, on the day to day, Clark eats clean food — meaning quality protein (nice salmon, grass fed meat), and then fill in the rest with greens (broccoli, spinach, etc.) and a very small portion of carbs (like a sweet potato). In addition to eating clean, he is very mindful to not eat too much. He is also sure to drink plenty of water!

What About Exercise – What Does It Take To Change A Body?

INTENTION. You have to go into it with intention, not to check a box off of a list. We all should want to be better — you are always either moving forward or backward. When you step into the gym, set the intention. If it’s for 20 minutes, fine. Spend those 20 minutes focused on getting the MOST out of those 20 minutes. Visualize and command your muscles to work hard. Instead of texting on your phone, or hating yourself in the mirror…instead, shift your focus to where you WANT to be and visualize your muscles REALLY doing the work.

Tell yourself: “I love myself…I am here because I want to continue to improve this blessing that is my human body.”

What If Your Spouse Is NOT Supporting You…OR Vice Versa?

Listen, put on your own oxygen mask first. Take care of yourself, silently. Let them do what it is they want to do. Mind your business, and do your thing. If you’re at a function and there is nothing there that fits into what you want to eat, don’t eat or pack your own! 🙂 There should be no guilt on either side — just do your thing and let them do theirs…and be there to support each other where you’re at.

This and SO much more on this episode!

About Clark Bartram

With over 30 years of industry experience, Clark has been on the cover of over 130 fitness magazines and has been featured in multiple TV shows and movies. He is now focusing on Helping Busy Men Over 50 boost testosterone, lose up to 100 pounds, gain muscle, and increase confidence with the 12-Week Anabolic Optimizer System.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Setting or sustaining fitness goals beyond the 50s requires a sincere drive to truly improve
  • Anyone’s genetics is only as good as the work that they continue to put in
  • Closing your eyes during workouts can build more muscles!
  • What you need to know about andropause
  • How to pursue fitness even with an unsupportive spouse!
  • Why you should stop calling them cheat meals or cheat days
  • Make gratitude non-negotiable