Why Leadership is the Most Important Skill You Can Learn with Andy Elliott

Why Leadership is the Most Important Skill You Can Learn with Andy Elliott pin

Conviction and certainty moves the needle in ALL areas of our lives. When you have conviction and certainty that something is going to happen for you, that you’re going to achieve something, that you’re going to master or create something…

It happens.

It’s the energy and driving force that helps you take those massive actions necessary to get you there.

This week’s podcast is very different than the “normal” around here. I interviewed Andy Elliott who is a living, breathing example of what conviction and certainty can do for you.

What he created and how he shifted his and his team’s ENTIRE life while he was IN MIDLIFE, to create one of the top sales training teams in the world…blows me away.

His conviction and energy is so motivating to me and proves to me that ANYONE can accomplish excellence when they learn leadership and get clear on their vision…no matter their age or where they are in life.

The energy is off the charts and it WILL motivate the heck out of you.

So What About This Whole 6 Pack Comment?

“6 Pack or You’re Fired” meant you need to be striving to be the BEST for yourself and your family. It’s our job to be heroes, to be the example, to be someone our partners admires. To be a mentor, and a great leader. A LOT of leaders are one dimensional. They believe “you can have success but you cant have success AND be close to your husband.” or “you can have money, you can be close to your husband, but not with your kids!” or “you can have all of that, but you cant have time to stay in shape.” “that doesn’t exist.” Andy believes YOU CAN DO IT ALL. And this is what he means by being a 1%er. And honestly, if every single one of you who follow me would take what we discuss in this episode to heart, you would ALL have a better quality life. Every single one of you!

People Don’t Burn Out, They Lose Their Purpose

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that I coach people out of being in “victim mindset”. Andy had a ton of circumstances stacked against him, that would turn A LOT of people into a victim. However, he mastered being the type of leader he is by learning what NOT to be. He eventually learned, through having a lot of bad examples in life, that the secret to success was feeling good, being confident, loving yourself, and having purpose. Yes, money made a difference. But what good is money if you don’t love yourself? You should love yourself first, and the money comes with it.

The Number One Reason People Don’t Make It In This World

Themselves. Victimhood mentality will lead you to self sabotage and keep you on a hamster wheel of doubt and negativity. Just like an Instagram reel, these negative patterns and habits will automatically replay in life. So if you want to be different and change, find someone who has done what you want to do, or does what you want to do, etc. and start emulating them. Get close to them and then let the new patterns start to repeat. Aim to be plugged into good stuff all the time, and in 2023, we have ultimate access to ways to be good.

This and SO much more on this episode.

About Andy Elliott

Andy Elliott, along with his partner Jacqueline Elliott, are  the driving forces behind The Elliott Group, the world’s fastest-growing sales training company. 

Why did I want to feature him on Midlife Conversations?  He GREW this out of decision and vision IN midlife. His passion and conviction is so motivating to me. Proving to me that ANYONE can accomplish excellence when they learn leadership and get clear on their vision.

Since the Elliotts Group  inception in 2011, The Elliott Group has been on a mission to empower professionals across industries to amplify their sales acumen and unlock unparalleled profits in any market.

Founding Vision:
From the outset, Andy and Jacqueline Elliott envisioned crafting an environment that transcended conventional workplace norms. Their aspiration was to cultivate a family-like culture that harmonized heart-driven approaches with robust business strategies. Despite initial skepticism, they defied odds and created an oasis where negativity is eradicated, and a thriving, supportive community flourishes.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Feel EXTREMELY motivated and lifited up listening to it!
  • Will get RE INSPIRED to level up!
  • You will learn how to master any vision in midlife DESPITE your current circumstances
  • The importance of LEADERSHIP skills to enroll others in your vision
  • Why peak fitness in midlife and beyond is the cornerstone of everything!