How VISION Can Change Your Life with Jennifer Hudye

How VISION Can Change Your Life with Jennifer Hudye Pin

I have learned SO MUCH from Jennifer on vision. Her Vivid Vision retreat literally changed so much for me — even as someone who thought I was already living in vision all the time! It’s changed my life, it’s changed my business, it’s changed where and how I show up in life, it’s changed how my team and other people in my life respond to me. It’s changed SO much for me, for the better and is hands down one of the BEST things I’ve ever done IN MY LIFE. LEARN MORE ABOUT VIVID VISION HERE

One thing that always stood out to me was the question Jennifer would always ask…”what is your vision for that?” It comes naturally for her to think about the vision behind things and what her intention is behind what she does. Now if you know me, you KNOW vision is HUGE in my book of tools, too! I really really believe in ALL things VISION.

But I think vision gets a bad wrap initially. If you’re unfamiliar with what it actually IS and means, it’s easy for you to call it “luck”. But it’s not! 🙂 There is actually science that shows your subconscious brain has the power to help program your brain to align with what is in your vision and what IS possible.

This is actually how I personally started MY entire fitness, fat loss brand. It was all from a vision-driven thought of not liking where I was and visioning something DIFFERENT for my life. Instead of staying in my negative self-talk, I asked myself “what is it that you DO want?” and from there I created my decision board, started taking action, and my life changed tremendously!

But it can be hard for people to get OUT of self beat up because it’s somewhat the default to human nature because we are programmed to look out for danger. However, A LOT of the self sabotaging thoughts are things we have taken on (from social programming) — they aren’t part of who we naturally are. It takes a lot of work to change the programming. It’s important to get clear on your vision.

This is true for entrepreneurs, too. A lot of the time as business owners we think we are communicating our “vision” but we don’t really communicate the vision. An example Jennifer shares is someone saying their vision is a 5 million dollar business. She compares it to telling a contractor to build you a house with a 5 million dollar budget. Do you think that contractor is going to build your dream house? No. It’s SUPER important to get CLEAR on ALL of the details of your vision…AND communicate them.

In addition to clearly communicating your vision, it’s SO IMPORTANT that you are able to embrace and celebrate other peoples success. A lot of the time we can feel jealous or envious when someone embodies something we actually wish WE embodied and actually desire. One thing I LOVE that Jennifer taught me in her Vivid Vision Workshop was to say “Oh! I’ll have some of that, too!” instead of “Ooh…how dare they!”

About Jennifer’s Vivid Vision Method

A lot of the Vivid Vision Method is based on universal laws, that are going to work, all of the time, no matter what! BUT, they don’t work your way–you need to work the way IT works. There is a code for transformation:

  1. Make the space (energetically, physically, emotionally, etc.) for the vision to come through
  2. Clarify the vision in both the inner and outer world
  3. Effectively communicate the vision
  4. Get clear on who you need to become
  5. What needs to happen to bring this to life

The Vivid Vision Retreat is for entrepreneurs and business owners who want to get clear on their next big vision for not only their business, but their life.

There is this and SO MUCH MORE on this podcast!

About Jennifer Hudye

Jennifer Hudye is the founder of Conscious Copy. She’s made millions with written words that sell and has worked with some of the biggest names in the space like Joe Polish, Cameron Herold, JJ Virgin, Eben Pagan, and many others! Jennifer does it all from a place of sincerity and a desire to make the world a better place.

Jennifer started experiencing a shift.  A shift from building her business around fear and feeling like she needed validation from the world to building her business around my gifts. After interviewing hundreds of the most successful entrepreneurs, she discovered that we all experience a similar path. At first, we build a business around our insecurities. To run AWAY from something.

Then, if we can recognize it, there’s a shift. We start to build a business from our gifts. To run TOWARD something. That’s where the real magic happens, where you find you can live your life and build your business from a place of contribution, where you feel fully expressed and can create a massive ripple effect.

The first step?

Believing it’s possible and that you deserve it.

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In this episode, you will learn:

  • How to lead with vision
  • How to create a vivid vision
  • How everything you write down to come intro fruition
  • Why we attract what we want when we are SUPER CLEAR on what we want
  • How our reticular activator helps us
  • How do we get ourselves out of negative self beat up?
  • What goes wrong with business owners and their vision
  • What people do wrong when sharing their vision
  • Why VISUALIZATION can be as, if not more, powerful that the actual act
  • How does vision help FINANCES?
  • How Jealousy and Envy hurts our vision and why they are actually a sign of what we actually WANT