The Money Mentality to Change your Finances in Midlife with Kine Corder

We all know about “money mindset” — but that’s our CONSCIOUS brain. YES we all know about balancing our checkbooks — but often times, it’s our SUB-CONSCIOUS brain that holds us back. Our subs-conscious brain, or our Money Mentality, has stories rolling around that wont let us process it the way we see in our imagination.

The Money Mentality To Change Your Finances In Midlife With Kiné Corder Pin

There are 3 Phases we can encounter (and no we dont always encounter any or all of these modes…but a lot of us do/have):

  1. Survivor: You’re in scraping and scrounging mode. You could have millions of dollars coming in, yet you are living outside of your means, you’re just surviving. This is the mode where you feel like you dont have enough — perhaps you are comparing yourself to others or to a vision you want. You’ve been told that money is hard to come by. To move out of any of these: check out where this belief came from. A mistake you made? Your parents? Cultural? etc. Once you identify where it came from, try to shift your belief.
  2. Striver: You are always looking for whats next?! Where are the opportunities? Where is the next deal? Work work work. This is because we believe that money is an action — that we must be DOING something for our money to be happening.
  3. Thriver: You have money, but you want more meaning. You want to enjoy what you’re doing -or- you want to make a difference with the money you do make. You get to your TRUE AUTHENTIC SELF and can REALLY shine.

Kiné is a National Certified Counselor specializing in Financial Therapy for healers. She’s also the CEO of Presidential Lifestyle, a tech enabled wellness company focused on changing the way mental health is viewed and administered. Her mission is to provide every human being with the tools they need to achieve mental clarity and a sense of purpose starting with healers. You may remember her from the Oprah show or ABC’s Extreme Makeover Show where she had the #1 rated episode and was chosen as the spokesperson for the show. Since then, she’s become a best-selling author and international speaker taking the stage with Les Brown, Daymond John, JJ Virgin and other well-known speakers.

A Chicago native and career entrepreneur with a passion for helping others, Kiné’s most known for creating a global virtual therapy practice two years before the pandemic ever happened. Through her practice, her speaking, and her SelfSync Therapy she’s changed thousands of lives and provided careers to other therapists and healthcare professionals. Kiné pours herself into her business, her community, her family, but most importantly into her own personal development. As a lifelong learner she is always looking for an interesting book, documentary, retreat, or place to travel internationally.

In her keynote talk, Kiné helps attendees understand the importance of reconciling negative emotions like guilt or greed around money by sharing the keys to getting comfortable asking for money, receiving money, and ultimately having money. Today Kiné will discuss how to reconcile your emotions around money to find mental clarity and a sense of purpose in midlife.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How to shift your mindset around money
  • How to get comfortable talking money
  • Best practices to handle your finances in Midlife