Menopause Changes in Midlife with Emmy Award Winner Tamsen Fadal

Menopause Changes in Midlife with Emmy Award Winner Tamsen Fadal and Natalie Jill Pin

Sometimes when you experience the symptoms that come along with menopause, like loss in confidence, memory loss, brain fog, sweating/hot flashes, heart palpitations, etc., it can be and feel really scary. You almost wonder — what is really going on?! Is it dementia? Is it a heart attack? What is happening?! Especially if you are not well versed in what the “common” symptoms you might encounter in menopause could be! KNOWING what you’re going through can only make it that much easier for you. It’s the NOT knowing of things that makes it so much more difficult. 

THIS is one of the big big reasons that I think it’s SO important we start talking about MIDLIFE things — like menopause! It’s really important, and it’s OKAY to talk about it! And that’s what this Midlife Conversations is all about! 

Midlife can be JUST the beginning, honestly. So it’s important to embrace it and be OPEN about the possibility midlife can bring. 

For Tamsen, turning 50 sparked new experiences, insights, and questions about midlife.

About Tamsen Fadal

Donning her journalist hat, she began gathering information, talking to experts, listening to other women’s stories, and learning more about navigating my next “now what” in new, bold ways. Out of these exploration and experiences, she realized how many other women face similar questions, challenges and opportunities to move forward with confidence, courage and curiosity.

This life transition launched her into her role as a midlife enthusiast. Nicknamed the “TikTok Fairy Godmother”, she shares tips and advice with over 200k+ followers so that women do not feel alone during this stage in their lives. Tamsen also hosts the podcast Coming Up Next with Tamsen Fadal which guides women moving through midlife changes, menopause, new career directions and all the other choices and possibilities that they may face at this time in their life. On the podcast, she curates experts, thought leaders and everyday stories about women doing extraordinary things to provide inspiration and tips for her listeners so that they too can approach their own “now what” with confidence.

Tamsen has a long history of uncovering the stories that inspire others throughout her career. While reporting is her profession (earning her 13 Emmy Awards for reporting on Hurricane Sandy, the Columbia Shuttle crash and the Afghanistan war), Tamsen’s passion is telling women’s stories that often happen behind the headlines. She travels around the globe with UNICEF to document its work, particularly focusing on the struggles faced by women and families in areas of the world most of us will never see for ourselves. Tamsen brings their stories into homes and hearts, and reveals how these women transform their lives in the midst of significant life changes.

Tamsen is the author of multiple books, in which she empowers women to navigate change and create new beginnings. Her third book, The New Single: Finding, Fixing and Falling Back in Love with Yourself, delivers tools, insights and hope to other women in the midst of their own divorce experience. Her much anticipated fourth book focused on empowerment at midlife is underway.

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In this episode, you will learn:

  • Why midlife is just the beginning
  • How menopause can be embraced
  • How to find balance in your life when things seem out of control
  • How relationships can change in midlife