Fix Your LIVER and Fix Your Health with Sinclair Kennally

Fix Your LIVER and Fix Your Health with Sinclair Kennally and Natalie Jill Pin

Today I’ve got one of my very favorite people on. Sinclair is WICKED smart and is trained traditionally as a naturopath. But she has become VERY thoroughly trained, well-known expert in liver health and toxicity and the ROOT ROOT cause of a lot of what is causing a lot of other issues in our body. I have learned SO much from her. Our liver health determines SO MUCH of our health overall. 80% of women over 40 have toxic sluggish bile in their liver and are struggling with an underperforming liver 🙀

Shocking Facts About Liver Health

Your liver can be all the way down to 60% efficiency before it ever tells you it’s struggling on your traditional labs. This is really important because your liver is responsible for over 500 functions in your body (including digestion, immune system, skin health, hormones, toxicity filtration, and more). If you don’t have a well functioning liver you can have a whole host of other issues.

What Does A Liver Do?

Your liver is the biggest traditional organ in your body. At any given moment it is home to at least 13% of your overall blood in it get processed and is constantly doing a minimum of 200 jobs at one time in your body. Your liver is one of the biggest factors in determining how fast you age. The healthier it is, and the lesser a burden it has, the better off your overall health and aging will be system wide. The lymphs collect all of the waste in your body and dump them into the liver to get processed. Your liver is not only cleaning your blood, but it’s also cleaning out the toxic waste from your lymphatic system. It’s also up to the liver to determine where the waste gets sent — your bile, your gall bladder, your kidneys, your bowels, etc.

Signs of Liver Overload

Some common early symptoms of a taxed liver are brain fog, fatigue, and irritability. It’s affecting your emotions, your temperament, and your mental state. Maybe even worse, your weight, gut health, and digestion. This is really important for women. When your liver is functioning poorly, your sex hormones can (and most likely will) be affected.

Western Medicine and The Liver

We hear all the time in western medicine that certain medications are “hard on our liver”. But the TRUTH is that A LOT of things in our daily lives (from air freshener, to laundry detergent, to the water we drink, etc.) is hard on our liver. Taking NSAIDS, for example, just makes an already taxed liver work EVEN HARDER. So hard, in fact, that it can actually cause hepatitis! There are so many grey areas of poor liver health before you land in the hospital (especially when you consider you’re already very taxed by the time it shows up on labs!) A lot of these issues can be prevented by doing proper liver cleanses that help dump the toxins that are slowing your liver function down.

Some questions to consider asking yourself if you’re wondering if your liver is struggling. One or two of these symptoms is not a red flag; more than that…red flag and pay attention:

  • Do you have gas?
  • Do you have bloating?
  • Do you have brain fog?
  • Are you aging too quickly?
  • Do you tend toward excess weight?
  • Do you have “cortisol belly”?
  • Do you have lymph build up?
  • Do you have excess fluid?
  • Are you puffy?
  • Do you have trouble sleeping? Especially waking up between 1-3am?
  • Do you have digestion problems?
  • Do you have difficulty digesting fat? HUGE RED FLAG
  • Do you have a compromised immune system?
  • Do you have histamine sensitivities?
  • Do you have skin irritations?
  • Are you easily irritated?
  • Are you easily overwhelmed?
  • Do you have extreme PMS symptoms?
  • Do you have constipation?
  • Do you have yellow skin or dark eye circles?

THIS and so much more on this episode!

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About Sinclair Kennally

Sinclair Kennally, CNHP, CNC is an award-winning expert on chronic digestive illnesses, CEO of, host of Your Health Reset Podcast, and survivor of complex chronic illness.

She and her partner Michael Spandel specialize in resolving the root causes behind complex, chronic illness and digestive issues. Together, they’ve helped thousands of people from NASA scientists to authors to pro athletes to get their lives back. 

An award-winning sought after speaker, Sinclair has shared the stage with health and wellness luminaries such as Jack Canfield, JJ Virgin, Lisa Nichols, Sachin Patel, and Meghan Walker. She is also the cofounder of MeditationRx, a platform dedicated to people working on their health. 

Sinclair’s mission is to help people to reclaim their health and rediscover their creative power, so they can be who they came here to be.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Why your liver may only be functioning at 60% without you knowing
  • What the main functions of your liver are
  • Why you need to be cautious using NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs)
  • The affects of hepatitis on your liver