I am 5 1/2 months post explant…and I have been asked a lot of questions regarding my explant!

Here are the answers to what I’ve been asked:

DO YOU REGRET THE EXPLANT? NO I do NOT regret the explant. Sometimes – only sometimes – I have a moment of missing my old body – but that moment passes quickly because of how healthy I now feel.

DO YOU HAVE ANY TISSUE/WHAT SIZE ARE YOU? Nope, barely and I’m barely a size A. And yes my scars are very large. I’m not planning on topless dancing anytime soon 🤣 so I don’t care.

DO YOU FEEL DIFFERENT? Yes – like 1000000% different in a good way. My energy, focus, lack of pain, no inflammation, body fat, cravings, wild mood swings — ALL normalized. I “feel” 20 years younger.

WOULD YOU GET IMPLANTS AGAIN? Nope. Never. Never ever. I had 5 sets in 33 years and already question my judgement on all that 🤣 Not my smartest moments. But I’m complete with them now.

SHOULD EVERYONE EXPLANT? No. I don’t think so. It’s still a major surgery and recovery. It’s also a huge emotional thing to deal with. If you had a mastectomy prior, or if you currently are not having issues with your implants (mine were ruptured and making me sick) then I think it’s a big decision to make and a personal one at that.

WHATS THIS BRA TOP YOU ARE ALWAYS WEARING? It’s like $25 on amazon. Search “v neck sports bra”.

WHAT DOES YOUR HUSBAND THINK? He’s happy they are out. He wants me healthy and strong and is all about the natural 💗 He’s been super supportive. Some ladies have messaged me that their spouse / partner / whoever is telling them “please don’t remove them” even when they are sick. Personally? I’d remove that relationship 😳 just saying. It’s YOUR body 💗

WHY DON’T YOU WEAR PADDED BRAS? Why? How about we accept the flatness if we have that.

WHERE CAN YOU HEAR MORE ABOUT MY WHOLE EXPLANT JOURNEY? There’s a highlight reel at the top of my Instagram page called “explant”. You can also hear more on my podcast “Midlife Conversations”:

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Any other questions? Please ask!

P.S. – I was told by many they would “fluff” yeah that’s a lie 🤣🤣🤣 No fluff on me!