Bye Bye Breast Implants

It’s time to go back to factory settings 😉

Dear TATAs,

It’s time to say goodbye. You were my “confidence” booster at age 19. I hated being flat & you swooped in as the fix.

It wouldn’t be until 33 years later that I would realize how bad of a decision this was for me.

Although you’ll be shown off and worn proudly, you will need 6 more surgeries, you will be super expensive, and you have many complications…

🙈Capsular contracture too many times

🙈Two ruptures

🙈 An auto immune (you will wonder if these triggered this)

🙈 6 surgeries, replaced again-again and again

🙈You will continually justify why they make sense

🙈You’ll want to make the people that talk about BII wrong because you are in denial that these could harm us…

It wont be until a FINAL rupture at age 52 which will FINALLY push you to wake the heck up and say goodbye to these silicone bags for good.

Was it all worth it to be a double DD? For what? My self esteem? Others opinions? Beauty standards?

I’m embarrassed to even ask this. I know the answers.

It’s FINALLY time to say bye 👋

You’ve been expensive for me…
You’ve been dangerous for me…
You’ve been unhealthy for me…
You’ve been incredibly irresponsible of me…

… And, quite frankly you are dated and a thing of the 90s. You are massively out of style 🤣 and we know you are fake AF. And yes – you ARE toxic.

You are no longer welcome in my body.

I’m moving on without you.

I’ll be replacing you with my new scars. They’ll remind me of how I lied to myself for years in the name of vanity.

Signed, AA me. Scarred but certainly not broken.

P.S. This is NOT a knock on anyone that is choosing to keep THEIR implants. I get it – I was you for 33 years 🤣 For ME this letter is necessary for my closure. And for those of you who also know deep inside YOUR soul that it’s time for yours to go, too.

With love 💓

Natalie Jill

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