Cigarettes and Perfume 

What???  Cigarettes and perfume?  Have you lost it Natalie? 🤔

Nope…not at all.  

Come along  and experience this vacation WITH me…

If I were to describe the “vibe” right now…

The smell would be : Cigarettes and perfume 🚬

The sound would be : The chatter of many languages. 🗣️

The food would be : Coffee, cheese and pastries. 🥮

The view: Sunshine, clear waters, and old historic buildings. ☀️

The workout: Lots of walking. Approximately 17,000+ steps a day according to my Oura ring. 🚶🏻‍♀️

So happy right now! 😍

Portugal has been on my bucket list and we are finally here!

After 11+ hours of flying, one layover, and one red eye flight…we got to the hotel at about 11am Portugal time (3am my body’s time…lol).

I wanted to crash immediately upon getting to the room.  BUT… Brooks convinced me to stay awake and push through for 7-8 more hours, THEN go to bed.  

I truly thought he was crazy…but he was soooo right (shhhh…don’t tell him!).  Went to bed early that evening, and woke up all adjusted to the time zone the next morning.  

We travel a LOT but normally it’s attached to “speaking” or work somehow. This time it’s pure vacay and I can’t wait to explore

We started in Lisbon. But will be going all over Portugal- NO agenda other than to explore and have fun

Have you been yet?

What are some of your bucket list trips?  

This is bucket list for me, and I decided this year to start making things happen.  

Midlife Experiences will become old age memories and I want to live life with no regrets.  .

What exactly are you “waiting”’or “saving” for?  Life is now. Literally now.

Life experiences with people I love are my number one priority.

Aside from the heavy cigarette and perfume smell in the city, people are fit. Like really fit!  People of ALL ages are fit. 

I believe it is from the unprocessed high quality food, LOTS of walking, and the amazing sunshine.  Oh, and the portion sizes here are what they SHOULD be.   

It is amazing what eating REAL food in proper portion sizes…and walking can do for the health of a nation.  Even if it seems a LOT more people smoke…

No seed oils, no artificial sweeteners.  Just minimally processed food…the way God intended!

The food  is fricken amaze balls. I’ve eaten more cheese the last 2 days than the last two years.

Even though the “wheat” here is a LOT more healthy than the US highly processed wheat, I am a celiac so no gluten for me. I am enjoying watching my husband experience them all though!

Yesterday we explored

  • Lisbon
  • Cascias
  • Sintro
  • Cabo da Roco
  • Guincho

My favorite part was the PALACE! WOW! SUPER cool to see that architecture and learn the history.

We did a guided private tour…which I HIGHLY recommend.  It was the best decision ever – because our guide Pedro knew all the cool spots and short cuts.  

Not just that, but a good guide will add lots of value and give you a more immersive experience.  

Pedro got us a reservation at an amazing oceanfront Michelin Star restaurant for lunch called Nortada Restuarante (the Lobster Risotto was EPIC!).

Yet another reason to have a great guide!

Due to the later than normal lunch (couldn’t get in any earlier as they were booked solid)…we had dinner 3 hours later at Jncquoi Asia. The ambiance was really cool, and had food selections from ALL over Asia.  

Day two in Portugal did NOT disappoint. 

Thanks for your suggestions on yesterday’s post HERE! (I read them all). 

Anyways if you’ve been to Portugal, hit reply and tell me what we must see or do? We are in Lisbon for just a few days then venturing wherever and whenever 💗

Adeus por agora! Vou explorar mais em Portugal hoje

Com amor,

Natalie Jill 

PS Short video of all the sites yesterday HERE