Crossfit in Midlife with Deborah Moore

Crossfit can sound scary. It can leave many of us in midlife thinking about throwing around heavy weights, and that it’s only for super buff people working out, and that if you were to attempt it all you’re going to do is injure yourself! Or, if you’re like me, you might walk by a Crossfit gym and feel intimidated by the people in there dropping heavy weights and grunting LOL. But truly, Crossfit is just another type of functional fitness — and it doesnt have to mean any of those things! What is functional fitness? Functional fitness is fitness that it is accessible to everybody and it involves moves that help us with our everyday functions. And everything about Crossfit is scalable. You can use the lightest of weights if that’s where you’re at!

Everyone has a different menopause experience, even if menopause has common denominators. I LOVED Deborah’s mantra/advice to people: Don’t settle! Don’t settle for whatever is handed to you by hormones, or by injuries even, or by life events. Because tif you settle, you give up, and you start sliding backwards. Choose to fight a little bit instead! Try and find the the pivots and the adaptations, and whatever you can do.

Science confirms that over 50 years old, we can lose about 10% of muscle per decade, and this is the reason many people once they hit midlife can gain those 10-15 extra pounds for what seems like “no reason” — yikes! It’s not necessarily the AGE, but it’s the MUSCLE LOSS that comes with our age! BUT it doesnt have to be like this! We can work to combat the rate at which muscle declines by doing strength training and doing progressions in your workouts, doing what is intense for you!

Crossfit coaches can help you learn proper form, and we can promise you that just lifting heavy won’t make you “ripped”. There is A LOT more that goes into the “bodybuilder” look, so don’t be scared to lift…even though it might be a new concept than what us mid-lifers may have been taught growing up 😉

Deborah has over 25 years of international business, marketing & coaching experience which has developed an efficient, energetic, and empathetic coaching practice. Her added experience as a competitive age group endurance & CrossFit athlete & coach lends a unique perspective to viewing life challenges & the solutions she presents. Now as a midlife women’s Health Coach, she has a common-sense & scientific approach to nutrition (macros), mobility, strength & fitness, and stress management, guiding women through the difficult menopausal years, and leading them to a strong, functional & healthier future.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How functional fitness can help you build muscle and more more freely
  • Why your age doesn’t define your ability to add muscle
  • Why menopause is tricky but not the end

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