Breaking Through Beauty Stereotypes for Women in Midlife with Stung by Samantha

One of the things that comes along with being 50+ and menopause is that just don’t care what people think as much any more. But then again, as a woman, people pleasing is in our nature – and aren’t we all pretty terrified of what people think? Being judged by friends? What will so and so say? Kind of scared to go for your dreams in fear of what people might think or say about it. It’s a very REAL stop for people when it comes to doing things they want to do – especially women in midlife.

Breaking Through Beauty Stereotypes For Women In Midlife With Stung By Samantha Pin

I know it happened to me – when I first started my fitness business, my friends were like who do you think you are?! I mean, I wasn’t on the covers of magazines until my 40’s!

Why is it that when we reach a certain age, people say we shouldn’t do certain things, we shouldn’t be able to lose weight, we shouldn’t have the energy needed to keep going strong, we shouldn’t have a proud fashion and makeup sense?

This week, Natalie Jill sits down with influencer and friend Stung by Samantha who decided in midlife to break the stereotypes and start sharing openly on social media. Garnering a following of over 30,000 people on Instagram. Stung by Samantha is shutting down stereotypes for women OVER 50 every single day and having a blast doing it.

If you take anything from this episode, please take away the fact that no matter your age, you don’t need permission to do the things that make you feel beautiful and feel good about yourself. If you want to wear red lipstick, wear it. If you want long hair, wear it. If you want to shop at a certain store, do it. Wear the jeans with holes, wear the white after Labor Day. Do whatever you want! Beauty as your age doesn’t need you to ask permission to make it so.

In this episode, you will learn: 

  • Why you should put yourself out there and not worry about judgement
  • What are the best makeup products for your skin
  • Top beauty hacks for women at ANY age