Becoming a Fit Supermodel After Age 60 with Jodi Harrison-Bauer

Becoming a Fit Supermodel After Age 60 with Jodi Harrison-Bauer Pin

Get ready for an extraordinary episode as we welcome the incredible Jodi Harrison-Bauer to the show! Trust me, you won’t want to miss this. At 62 years young, Jodi’s appearance defies everything we’ve been shown and taught about aging, making it hard to believe she’s not in her 30s. Her inspiring journey showcases that it’s never too late to start anew. Starting her fitness journey at 42 and turning it into a thriving business by 50, Jodi’s story will leave you motivated and ready to rewrite your own script. Don’t miss out on the wisdom she has to share – it’s a game-changer!

At 42, the only thing that defined Jodi was that she was a mom who went to the gym regularly and took care of her body. She went through a divorce, lost almost all of her friends in the divorce, left a very cushy life as a stay at home mom for almost 20 years, but she has no self confidence, no self esteem, and simply wasn’t happy — she wasn’t living in her truth. So she picked herself up off the ground and figure out who it was she wanted to be for the next 10 years!

She continued to workout, continued to eat well, and decided to throw herself into the dating field. In doing so, she began to build her confidence and prove everything she had been told about herself in her marriage (like she was ugly and dumb) WRONG! She realized that she had been letting fear get in her way for so many years, and decided to just keep taking leaps. When you step over fear, you become stronger on the other side…every single time. If we let fear stop us, we are never going to be able to be our authentic selves!

Just like we are clearing our bodies of toxic things, we have to clear our environment (and people we are surrounding ourselves with) as well!! If you are thinking about doing something, don’t let the negative people in your life talk you out of it! Listen to your GUT! DO IT! Do what FEELS right to you…even when it’s hard!

This and so much more in this super inspiring Midlife Conversation episode!

About Jodi Harrison

Jodi Harrison Bauer is a two-time World Bikini Champion, founder and owner of JodiFit boutique fitness studio, host of Fearlessly Authentic podcast and the oldest woman to ever compete for the iconic Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, making global headlines and the Top 60 finalists in 2019. She graduated with a BA from Simmons College in 1983. Jodi’s life changed forever when, at 42 years old, she built the courage to take control of her own happiness. Since then, Jodi has worked relentlessly to better herself, build her business, nurture her relationships and create the life she knew she always deserved, one with passion and purpose. In doing so, she hasn’t followed the rules or fit in the box society wanted to put her in. She started competing in fitness shows when she was “too old,” opened a business at 50 and got re-married eight years later. She competed against women more than half her age for a spot in Sports Illustrated Swim to prove age and beauty are not directly correlated. Today she defines herself as an ageless warrior and helps others age with confidence. In her studio, on her podcast and across her social channels, Jodi focuses on empowering women to age fiercely and fearlessly. Jodi is the proud mother of two grown daughters and a rescue pup. Outside of JodiFit, you can find her on the beach or dancing like no one’s watching. She lives by the words “Never let fear stop you from being YOU.”

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Unleashing mental strength through physical fitness
  • Purging toxic people from our lives, just like we detoxify our bodies
  • Embracing new beginnings at any age
  • Divorcing “fear” and reclaiming our power
  • Defying age by competing in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit competition at 58 and launching a business
  • Empowering ourselves to age on our own terms

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