Thrive on the Other Side of Breast Cancer with Tirzah Cooper

Thrive on the Other Side of Breast Cancer with Tirzah Cooper Pin

Regardless of how big or small your chest is, natural or implants — you have breast tissue. And if you have breast tissue, technically you are susceptible to breast cancer. It’s common practice to get a mammogram, but often times, mammograms can miss a cancer diagnosis. So if you HAVE a lump or feel something is suspicious or abnormal, get an ULTRASOUND! If you have anything that is rapidly growing, or that hurts, it is worth getting it checked! AND, even if you hear once that it’s nothing to worry about, like Tirzah heard a few times, it is worth advocating for yourself (because being safe is better than being sorry) and it might also be worth getting a second opinion!

Tirzah Cooper is doing everything she’s ever dreamed of. Engaged, living in a blended family, while having a great career along with pursuing her passions in photography. But, Tirzah is also currently battling breast cancer and because she’s decided to share her journey so openly thats how her and Natalie Jill connected.

13% of women born in the United States will develop breast cancer at some point in their lives. Even though Tirzah is under 40, it is even more common for women in Mid-Life. Which is why you should Listen Up and learn some of the warning signs so you can catch it early.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Some misconceptions about breast cancer
  • Different types of treatments
  • Preventative measures you can take in midlife