Fascia, Cellulite, and Recovery with Tamara Renee

I had to have Tamara on Midlife Conversations to talk all about fascia in midlife. With over 30 years of experience in the aging well space, she is transforming not just how we look, but also how we FEEL as we age. She is one of the first people who actually taught me about nutrition over two decades ago! Most of us understand that nutrition and activity plays an important role in our overall health, but fascia creates another important layer in our health that has been ignored for so long because it took so long to learn about and acknowledge it. 

What is Fascia? 

Fascia is new to medical journals as of 2006 and so a lot of people don’t know what it is. Fascia is our number one connective system that has a great impact on how we move and look. It gives us a huge heads up when it comes to immobility, pain, and aesthetic changes that we need to restore our fascia and collagen in that area. 

Fascia, Cellulite, and Recovery with Tamara Renee pin

When fascia is unhealthy, it can have adhesions (like scar tissue), under the skin that creates those issues. When we are working with our fascia on any part of our body, it helps other parts of our bodies as well! Because fascia works around every single muscle fiber, you can actually work with the fascia in a particular area to improve its appearance – as well as the skin that covers it. 

How Do We Use Fascia Therapy to Change Our Skin and Our Health?

We know that our gut biome health is responsible for the nutrients we are able to absorb from our foods. But with fascia therapy, you can bypass the gut system by going right to the tissue, you can see much better results. Fascia is made up of two things: water and collagen. Collagen therapy helps the body to produce those things at high levels naturally by working on the outside layers of the connective tissue system. So it’s important to get proper cellular hydration as well as high quality collagen, but fascia therapy allows your body to actually USE those. 

In 2020 fascia was logged in medical journals as our communication system that houses our nerves where we store all of our emotions. When that system is tight, it’s constricting those nerves and emotions. When we work through the fascia, we allow all of these stored traumas to be released, in turn, increasing blood supply, circulation, and overall health and vitality. 

Easy Things to Do At Home to Help with Fascia Health 

Pinch yourself. When you’re pinching yourself, you’re bringing blood supply and nourishment to the area. Doing this helps to activate our lymph system and clear the toxins. It also allows water to rush to the area when you release the pinch. 

Touch your sore spots. When you’re feeling tight and sore, lightly rub yourself to prevent things from being stagnant. Doing this does the same as above by bringing hydration and nourishment to the area. 

Get cellular hydration. A lot of times when we think we are hydrated, we have water outside of our cells. This is inflammation causing an edema appearance. We need the right kind of minerals to bring the water INTO our cells. Choose mineral water for your water of choice. 

Pump your lymph system (watch the video interview to see how!) around the 27 minute mark. Work on correcting your posture. Use fascia blasters with clean high quality oil. Get a massage. Use a foam roller. Jump on a trampoline. Stop wearing tights/leggings on a regular everyday basis. Stretch. 

This and so much more on the episode! 

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Tamara Renee founder of Bodylab and dnaME diet. Shas developed a method that unlocks the blocks that are stopping your team from bursting out of the comfort zone and arriving at have a thriving body and life! Based out of California Tamara has taught seminars and workshops for corporations, athletic teams and individuals. Having appeared on television, radio and in well-known publications, Tamara’s style, knowledge and strategies provide profound results that are seen within the unity of the team and as an individual.

Tamara Renee possesses a unique ability to creatively translate complex concepts in a simple manner and influence her audience to make astonishing results. Having coached hundreds of individuals over the last quarter of a century, Tamara has accelerated top performers throughout her career by coaching this method and conducting trainings on personal growth and food’s connection to it.

We have such an advantage in today’s technological and scientifically geared world. So why are so many of us in such poor health with low self-esteem and quite frankly, just… unhappy? Tamara’s method is devised to arm you with knowledge and skill using proven modern day tools and strategies so that you can achieve the sculpted body, health and performance in life as you intended. Don’t wait to enhance your life or that of your team. Through Tamara Renee you will thrive while creating a culture of empowerment where you take pride and ownership of yourself.

When you work with Tamara Renee, she goes the extra mile for you. She doesn’t just look at one avenue that creates health. She analysis and assess where you or your dream team needs in order to have the most optimal life. 

In this episode, you will learn:

  • What is Fascia Therapy
  • How can you treat cellulite in midlife?
  • What does recovery look like after therapy
  • What options do you have for healthier skin