Juggling Doubt and Uncertainty with the Midlife Crisis Doctor Dr. Julie Hannan

Dr Julie Hannan is a Psychologist in private practice in the UK helping ‘midlifers’ aged 35-60 find their value, meaning, and purpose in life as they traverse the tricky terrain of their middle years.

When both her children left home within 4 months of each other, she found that her sense of purpose reduced, her love for her clinical work diminished and she experienced a midlife crisis with an overriding sense of feeling lost. 

Juggling Doubt And Uncertainty With The Midlife Crisis Doctor Dr. Julie Hannan Pin

If you are living according to values you chose at the ages of 10-21 and haven’t reevaluated them since you’re in your 40s and 50s, you will be living inconsistently to what you value now and can have a midlife identity crisis! An identity crisis can happen at any age, but it is particularly prevalent in midlife. It feels like the life we are currently living has a misfit, and it’s hard to pinpoint which part of your life has been impacted and doesnt feel like you anymore. What triggers this identity crisis is a “profound loss”. A profound loss can be a range of things — a death, a relationship breakdown, or something more subtle like something you’ve dedicated time, love, energy, and attention to, but is now no longer part of your identity (for example: losing interest in your work, or loss of status, or loss of a role, even loss of looks, or losing your libido, etc.) A midlife crisis is a crisis of identity — and research suggests that 1 in 10 midlifers experience it.

Searching for information to support and understand what she was going through was thin on the ground — either too highbrow without practical tips to help, or too lightweight and full of cliches, again without a clear path to recovery.

Julie has spent years working with midlifers helping them to live the second half of their life in a more authentic, connected way and regaining a new sense of purpose. She has taken her experience to TikTok where her posts help and guide other people through their midlife crisis towards a fulfilling second half of life. Julie is proud to be publishing her book later this year which is full of information and practical tips and advice to overcome a midlife crisis. She says, ‘This is the book I needed when my crisis hit!’. 

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In this episode, you will learn:

  • Why you need to find your values and align with them
  • How to strive for mental wellness
  • Why midlife is the perfect time to redefine yourself